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It all started with a desire for community. To find women I could call friends. Women I could count on, share my heart with, and who would understand the challenges of motherhood. Women who I could walk alongside and feel a little less alone. It all started with Detroit Moms Blog. 

As I look back at the last 4 years, I’m not sure I could be any prouder of where we are now. I have met hundreds of women who all wanted something similar to myself. They wanted to share their story and have a voice. And to feel heard. In a safe place. They really just wanted to belong. Belong to something bigger than themselves. 

Almost 4 years ago, I said goodbye to corporate and hello to entrepreneurship. The road hasn’t been easy. It’s been filled will joy, pain, pride, failure, and everything in between.  I’ve watched women grow, follow their dreams and pursue passions. I’ve watched women suffer losses and experience setbacks. I’ve seen it all. And at the end of the day, I watched this community we created support and uplift these women. This community was their biggest cheerleader and their safest place. 

Now, I sit here with a new appreciation for this community as we launch our new brand to all of YOU! A brand I am incredibly proud of. One that empowers us as women and as a community, and that reflects a group doing everything it can to connect you with other women and make sure you never feel alone in motherhood. Here at Detroit Mom, we want to be the place you turn when you need support. A place for friendship, and where you turn to hear that you’re doing a good job and that what you do matters. 

Today, we launch something that wouldn’t be possible without ALL of the women who have come through this community over the years. Each one of them has shaped who we are today. They have left their imprint on the very foundation of who we are. They have supported, carried the weight and helped push us towards a bigger purpose. 

While our name has changed, our mission hasn’t. We are still here for you. All of you! With over 70+ different women representing our team, we hope you see yourself in one of them. That you feel represented and validated by their words. 

Join us as we celebrate where we’re headed and the incredible things to come.

Today, we become Detroit Mom.


  1. Congrats! Glad to have found your community! I’m just laughing because your intro made me do a double take, I could have written it because ALL of those things are exactly me, down to the 4 kids, the travel obsession, and the million unprinted photos! Best of luck with the new brand!


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