What Would Your Kids Do If You Had a Medical Emergency?


Disclaimer: This post is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. All opinions are those of the writer. Seek the advice of a qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding medical emergencies.


The other day my sister-in-law texted me telling me that while her husband was gone for the weekend, she couldn’t sleep. Her mind had been running wild with worry and fear. She said she realized that if she had a medical emergency while she was alone with her kids, her kids (ages five to six months) wouldn’t know what to do. Moreover, they wouldn’t even know how to get help.

She asked me if I thought she was overthinking, and if I had ever had any of these fears or worries – so I told her the truth. Yes, I do think about this scenario. Every. Single. Day. As a working mom who works from home with her kids, this worry is always on my mind. For the better part of my time, I’m home alone with my own young kids. Both of them are under the age of four.

I constantly worry about, “What if?” What if I suffer a medical emergency at 7 a.m. and no one finds me until later on in the day? What if the kids can’t care for themselves during that time? I think about what might happen if they get hurt or they need help, too. I mean, forget about me, right? What about my babies?

medical emergency with kidsWhat Can Your Kids Do If You Have a Medical Emergency?

My conversation with my sister-in-law got me thinking about what possibilities were out there. My daughter turns four in June. She’s smart, but I know she won’t be able to dial 9-1-1 or even call her dad in a situation such as this. And the thought of her unlocking the door and walking out to get help makes me sick.

After looking at some options online, I came across these wearable communicators that let you speak with a 9-1-1 operator with a single touch of a button. Other medical alert systems usually rely on a call center middleman before you can speak to an operator. Systems like these bypass that, connecting you immediately with someone who can send help right away.

The product I found has no monthly fee—all you need is cell service wherever you are. No landline is needed either. There seems to be many versions like this out there, which is great!

What Else Could Your Family Do?

Systems like these that I mentioned above might not work for everyone. Maybe you live in a closed community where your kids know if they go outside, to go right to the next door neighbor and come back. For my family, we live right off of a busy road, and that’s just not an option I want to rely on.

Maybe you can ask a family member or a friend to periodically check in on you throughout the day. I always tell my parents that if I don’t answer a text message within a couple of hours, to come over or to please try calling me or my husband. Maybe that idea stresses you out more, or maybe it gives you a little peace in case of a medical emergency.

Do What Works for Your Family

Find what works best for your family, your situation, and your personality. Even though our kids are little, we are going to try to have a plan in place. I think even just talking it out with them will make me feel a bit better.

If this is a fear you share with me and my sister-in-law, look into what you could do to ease your worries. Make a plan with your husband and kids so they know what a medical emergency looks like and what they can do in case of an episode. There are so many different types of emergencies that can arise. Regardless of the situation, it never hurts to have a plan in place.

As always, feel free to connect with me on this topic and more. You can also check out this post with tips on how to prepare for emergency visits with your kids.


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