Why In-Home Pediatric Physical Therapy is Better with Milestones Pediatric Physical Therapy 


As moms, we want what’s best for our kids, and sometimes that means getting them physical therapy to help with things like fine and gross motor skills. Traditionally, pediatric physical therapy appointments happen in an office setting. But we know the challenges that come with getting kids to appointments. What if there was a better and easier way for your kids to get the care they need? Milestones Pediatric Physical Therapy is a new method of receiving skilled physical and occupational services within the comfort of your home. Here’s why in-home pediatric physical therapy is the best option for you and your kids. 

We Come To You

Milestones Pediatric Physical Therapy is the first mobile concierge PT/OT service in Metro Detroit. We believe that your child functions best in their natural environment, surrounded and cheered on by their beloved support team. 

We also know how exhausting and time-consuming it is to get ready for therapy appointments, wait in the waiting room, and be asked to not bring any additional family members to the office. That is why we’re on a mission to change the way pediatric rehabilitation is provided. 

An expert therapist will come to your home at a time that is convenient for your child’s and family’s schedule. We encourage family participation in your child’s care. Each visit is one-on-one, with attention to every detail and an individually crafted therapy plan. We take pride in focusing on your child’s unique needs. 

What Does an In-Home Therapy Appointment Look Like? 

Pediatric physical and occupational therapy helps children master gross and fine motor skills, and improve balance, coordination, flexibility, and participation in daily childhood mobility skills. A skilled pediatric PT or OT will always make therapy look like PLAY.

Pediatric physical therapists can help your little one master large motor skills such as rolling, sitting up, crawling, walking, jumping. PTs provide treatment for conditions such as Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) and Torticollis. They also can help a child with developmental delays catch up to peers.

Pediatric occupational therapists work to improve your child’s independence with daily tasks such as eating, dressing, brushing teeth, emotional regulation, picky eating, fine motor skills and handwriting, sensory processing, and problem solving.

What Ages Do You Work With? 

Milestones Pediatric Therapy focuses on children ages 0-5. We often see infants born premature as soon as they are discharged from the NICU. If parents have any concerns about their child’s development, we recommend getting an evaluation as early as possible. 

We aim to be proactive and provide families with an action plan when it comes to their child’s development, instead of the wait and see approach. Our plan will include simple exercises and games that can be incorporated in the child’s everyday routine, education for parents, resources to support their child, advice, and a listening ear. Often we become part of the family, supporting and loving your child as much as our own babies. 

Children from birth to five years of age require minimal equipment, therefore clinic visits are not necessary. We can use whatever you have at home as therapy equipment. We are creative and resourceful, teaching you how to use your own environment as a therapeutic atmosphere for your child’s quickest progress. That is the most functional atmosphere for your child.

If you think your child would benefit from in-home physical or occupational therapy, give Milestones Pediatric Physical Therapy a call at (248) 622-1854 or head to their website for more information.


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