Worry-Free Gift Ideas for Father’s Day


Who remembers Detroit River Days? I certainly do! The fun-filled, action-packed festival right along the Detroit Riverfront always landed the weekend of Father’s Day! Our family loved to take the boys’ grandfather almost every year as a way to make fun-loving memories. But sadly, like so many events, they paused it in 2020. We are hoping it will come back soon.

Did you have great memories driving bumper cars and eating elephant ears with the kids while sipping on the frozen sour lemonades? Yes, me too. Even though we can’t go to River Days as a gift, there are other awesome gift ideas for Father’s Day, so fear not, Detroit Mom friends!

gift ideas for father's day

Here are some worry-free gift ideas to get the best Dad, Grandpa, or father figure for Father’s Day:

Personalized Gifts

Customized Koozies

Now that it’s summer in the D, it’s officially beach time. It’s time for enjoying those cold adult beverages! Dad will appreciate a koozie with a personal saying, quote, or a fabulous photo of you and the kids.

Personalized Wallet

You can never go wrong with getting Dad a brand new wallet (may arrive after Father’s Day)! This wallet can be personalized with any photo you want. Just don’t forget to put some money in it before gifting it! It ensures that the wallet shall never be empty, especially full of love!

Dad’s Story

Dad does not have to be a famous writer or an author to tell his beautiful story to his family. This is one of my personal favorite gifts to give your dad or your husband. To have your child(ren) know all of the happy moments and accomplishments Dad has gone through will be great to pass down from generation to generation. (FYI, there is also one for Mom!) 

Active Gifts

Bikes, Blades, and Boards | Grosse Pointe Park

Maybe Dad already has a cool bike, but he may need a new helmet, socks, or biker shorts.  Maybe his bike needs a tune-up for the summer for those long summer family bike rides. Show some love for this local shop located in Grosse Pointe Park. They even sell anything to do with rollerblading, ice-skating, skateboarding, and snowboarding! Dad could use a brand-new hobby.

Hanson’s Running Shop | Multiple Locations

Hanson’s Running Shop can cater to all of us finding our dads who run the perfect gift(s). Is Dad running a 5k or marathon? He will need new gear for sure! New shoes, new man! Dad will have a great Father’s Day surprise running straight into all of your arms.

Carl’s Golfland | Bloomfield Hills + Plymouth

Tis’ the season for golfing and what dad hasn’t tried it before? Or maybe, this is something Dad has always wanted to try . . . now is the time! Carl’s Golfland has been known as the “Land of Golf Plenty” since 1958. Stop by to get Dad a gift card for some lessons or maybe just a fun day with other Dads at the golf range.

WFH (work from home) Gifts

Iced Coffee Maker

Working from home has been the new normal for a lot of us. Get Dad a great iced coffee maker, especially for the afternoon slump! Sometimes, Dad just needs something brand new to add to his home/office environment. He would absolutely love and adore this, and it will put more of a pep in his step for a surprise dinner date!

Bluetooth Speaker

A fabulous Bluetooth speaker will make his day go by faster and smoother—maybe. Dad can use this for work or for play! He may need to be tuned in for a meeting and need that 360 degree sound, or maybe during a lunch break he can jam to his favorite songs. What a wonderful way to say, “I love you!” than, when Dad opens his gift, blasting your family song and having a dance party.

One Gallon Water Bottle

D-A-D will need to monitor his H20 intake for him to fully focus at home. This water bottle  claims to create “a whole day of hydration.” He will know you all love him when you show your appreciation that Dad needs self-care, too. Drinking water has so many great benefits, especially keeping him strong and healthy.

These are some worry-free gift ideas for Father’s Day! Whatever you decide to get Dad this year, he will appreciate, as long as you spend time together and enjoy the beautiful day!  

For additional gift ideas, Katie shares the Detroit Mom-Approved Father’s Day Gift Guide.

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