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I’m Amber. I’m a 40-year-old widow and boy mom. My perfect day would include sunshine, a great book, a long nap, good music, pizza, and lots of laughs. I love Starbucks, Target, and brunch. Most days include reading a few chapters in a good book, listening to good music while cooking dinner or folding laundry, and listening to comedians while doing chores. (I’ve found the balance of music and comedy make the chores much more enjoyable.)

I enjoy anything live on a stage: a play, a comedy show, a musical, a poetry competition, a concert, etc. Traveling and planning trips make my heart happy and I’m a firm believer that you should buy the shoes, book the trip, and order dessert. Life is short!

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I’m a mental health advocate and strongly believe that therapy is for everyone! I will share the benefits of therapy to anyone that will listen and am always ready to refer a therapist to anyone that is looking for one. Writing and journaling play an important part in my life and have helped my healing process.

Putting Me First

Balance and time management help me find time to do the things that bring me joy and allow me to recharge and be the best mom I can be. I am intentional about making time for therapy, working out, and my hobbies (reading, writing, and watching movies). Also, I plan short trips (without my son) to get away and recharge and I always come back refreshed and ready to take on the world.

I have a strong support system in place that allows me to accomplish these things, and I cannot imagine my life without having the time to do the things that make my soul happy. It’s so important to be able to relax, regroup, and take off the “mom hat” for a while and reconnect with you and your interests outside of being a mom.

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I have an amazing, neurodivergent six-year-old son, KJ. He is so smart, funny, sweet, thoughtful, and inquisitive, and he amazes me regularly. His father, my late husband, passed away from colon cancer in 2018. We were married for eight years and together for twelve. I never, ever expected to be a single mom. But, I am trying to make the best of the cards I’ve been dealt.

My parents, who have been married for almost 50 years, and my older sister live in metro Detroit. They play an integral part in helping me raise my son. I also have an amazing group of friends and extended family, on my side and my late husband’s, that are very supportive. It truly takes a village and I’m glad to have so much support.

I fit under several categories: special needs, widowed, single mom.

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I was born in Saginaw but raised in Southfield, and I attended Southfield Public Schools. Currently, I live in Southfield and work for the school district. I truly enjoy living in metro Detroit, there are so many great things to do! I love trying new restaurants and bars, going to museums, art exhibits, and comedy shows, and checking out local bookstores. My son and I love Eastern Market, Belle Isle, Beacon Park, and the Riverwalk. Getting outside and enjoying all of the seasons is one of the best things about being in Michigan. And, metro Detroit offers a variety of activities throughout the year.


I am excited to share information about mental health, therapy, and the benefits of making time to take care of you! I have learned so much the last few years working through my grief and learning more about myself and what I want from life moving forward. Also, I am looking forward to sharing about all I’ve learned with a neurodivergent child that doesn’t “fit” neatly into any one specific category. I believe that sharing helps people know they aren’t alone and can be beneficial to mental health.


  1. So, very proud of the woman and mother that you are. Your story, your life, your reality that you have shared, I believe, will open doors for those who need to seek help; with open the mind of understanding to help heal the mind, body and soul; and I believe that your words of inspiration and truth will be an everlasting path to follow. I love you forever, Niece. ~ Aunt Jessie ♥️


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