Hello, I’m so excited you’re here! Almost 4 years ago, I left my corporate job at a local hospital to pursue my passion of supporting women, especially moms and mom-to-be. I wanted to create a community that supports women at all stages of motherhood. I never wanted a woman to experience life’s changes and challenges alone.

My mission is to inspire and cultivate connection, and encourage each other using the one thread that bonds us all – motherhood.

I reside in Farmington (we have the BEST Farmers Market) with my husband, Joel, and tribe of 4. Lauren, 19, a freshman in college, Harper, 7, a second grader, Nolan, 4, a preschooler, and Maryn, 1, the babes of the family. I’m grateful I can relate to almost any stage of motherhood. From a college student to brand new baby, I’ve got you covered!

I love cooking, and eating my way through new restaurants in the city. Planning any type of get together is my jam, and I’m notorious for serving way too much food. I take a ridiculous amount of photos that I rarely print. I love controlled chaos and the type of organization where only I know how to find things. My Enneagram is a #2 which explains a lot, ha! I live for a good margarita and under-baked chocolate chip cookies are my love language.

I try to spend less time worrying about having a perfectly clean home, and more time making memories. As an entrepreneur, I have learned that I have to let go of some things. I attempt to live life to the fullest, set aside negativity, and let go of the unchangeable past. I absolutely love connecting with moms within my community and supporting local businesses! You can usually catch me in a Kiloh + Co shirt.

Because I love connecting with moms and feel it is so important to provide women support in our local communities, I am also the founder and co-owner of Lansing Moms Blog, a parenting website written by Lansing moms for Lansing moms!

I’ve always wanted a voice as a mother, and to find a place where I wouldn’t be judged by my choices. Detroit Mom is that place for me. I hope it is for you, as well. I look forward to connecting with YOU, whether it be online or off. We all have a story to tell…