Infertility & Loss Support Group

Trying to navigate life after a miscarriage, the loss of an infant, or when struggling with infertility, can feel terribly lonely and extremely difficult.

Our hosts are women like you, who’ve had those same struggles and are hoping to now offer you support in your journey. The goals of our support group are to offer a safe space for you to share your feelings, connect you with others going through similar situations, to help you feel less alone and more understood.

Future Meetings

1/29 – Amity Coworking (Northville) 7-9pm
2/9 – Essential Family Chiropractic (Farmington) 1-3pm
2/26 – Amity Coworking (Northville) 7-9pm
3/8 – Citizen Yoga (Royal Oak) 1-3pm
3/25 – Amity Coworking (Northville) 7-9pm

Resources and Real Stories