Pregnancy After Loss Support Group

Being pregnant after loss and/or infertility can be an incredibly complicated journey. On the one hand, you are overjoyed to be pregnant, but on the other, you may be overcome with grief and fear. It can be hard to let yourself get your hopes up or believe this actually (finally) happening. 
This is a sister group to our original Infertility & Loss Support Group and is open to women who are either currently pregnant after loss/infertility or who have already gone through this journey in the past and still want to process. This is a place where you can honor your mix of emotions, ask questions, share experiences, and, hopefully, feel less alone in your pregnancy journey ahead.

Future Meetings

Sunday, 4/21/24- Virtual (Zoom) 7-8:30pm

Sunday, 5/19/24- Virtual (Zoom) 7-8:30pm

Sunday, 6/9/24- Virtual (Zoom) 7-8:30pm

Sunday, 7/14/24- Virtual (Zoom) 7-8:30pm

RSVP to Jesse for virtual login ([email protected])