Free Delivery and Takeout Around Detroit

/* custom css */ .tdi_3_599{ min-height: 0; } /* custom css */ .tdi_5_e26{ vertical-align: baseline; } Are you wondering how to get free or reduced delivery while you keep social distance during a worldwide crisis that the lot of us were totally not prepared for? You're not the only one! So, is it safe to [...]

Adopt a GrandPal with Detroit Mom

The current pandemic has us isolated at home with too much time to think, and not too much to do. A lot of us are struggling in isolation with our children at home. Being the director of a senior center and currently working from home, it’s got me overly thoughtful about senior citizens who face […]

Detroit Mom Neighborhood Egg Hunt

While we may not be able to attend our favorite local egg hunt, we can still have some fun around our neighborhood. With a little help from your neighbors, you can still participate in an egg hunt while practicing social distancing. This egg hunt works best if lots of neighbors get in on the fun. So, […]

Tech in a Time of Quarantine: 3 Options for Virtual Meet-Ups

The saying “you don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone” is ringing true right now, and not just on my ’80s ballads playlist. With a worldwide pandemic surging and social lockdowns in place, virtual meet-ups are becoming more and more popular as we are distanced from other humans. Despite the fact that my busy adult […]

Spice it Up While Cooped Up: 9 Creative at-Home Dates

Most of us are spending A TON of time together right now in our homes with our spouses or significant others. Staying at home during this pandemic has changed the daily routine. By the time the day is over, I’m exhausted. How do we focus our time so that we are still being intentional about […]

10 Ways to Help Your Child Connect to the World Right Now

What if the coronavirus is here to teach us something? I get it, that sounds insane. At this very moment, it’s practically absurd. But, hear me out. Our world is disconnected. Maybe intentionally because people have some ideas that we’re safer, more protected, and, in general, we’ll be more prosperous by protecting our territory from […]

The Ultimate Guide to Taking Road Trips With Kids


I’ve got the travel bug. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. Exploring to see what this world we live in has to offer makes my heart thrive. It is a goal for me to take one large family trip a year and several shorter ones throughout the seasons. To make these […]

Using Reality TV to Escape My Reality


I have a group of friends I get together with once or twice a week. They are typically wearing the latest fashions. I am rocking sweatpants, a messy bun, and a shirt that probably has kid snot or this morning’s breakfast on it. They are sporting the season’s hottest handbags. My purse has been traded […]

5 True Crime Podcasts to Listen to Now


Let’s face it, the world is kind of a hot mess right now. But even before all of this, the 2020 election, and Bachelor mom #BarbWeber were a part of our daily dialogue, I was using true crime podcasts as self care. So now, I’m sharing my expertise. Because if you’re like me, you probably […]

10 Places to Get Outside in Metro Detroit

The sun is shining, it’s time to get outside! Bonus: sunshine actually boosts the immune system! Did you know that being outside actually shapes the way a child’s brain forms? Free play outside increases executive function, the sensory input provided by nature increases attention span, and exercise strengthens kids’ muscles. Here is a list of […]


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Detroit Mom Neighborhood Egg Hunt

While we may not be able to attend our favorite local egg hunt, we can still have some fun around our neighborhood. With a...

Detroit Food Bank Guide