Antonette is a Girly Boymom of 2, a Dogmom of 3 and a wife of a hard-working husband in the medical field. Born in Detroit and raised in the "Burbs" they now reside in Macomb Township where they love to update their sweet, sweet home little by little for 8 years now. She was a SAHM-Socially Active Home Mom- for the last couple years due to the Pandemic. But now works in Development for a non-profit organization. She has worked in Retail Management for the past 15 years from High-End Fashion to Home Decor! You can say “This Filipina Mama has a Sense of Style”! When she’s not entertaining her boys, you will find her volunteering at church or Instablogging @quaityofwifeandboys. Here, she shares Filipino Recipes, Kid Stuff, Fashion-Forward Reels and anything and everything about being MOM! She also loves to sing and dance! You’ll always find her wearing some sort of Pink and drinking a Latte! There's also a momprenuer bug inside this non-stop Filipina Mama so check out @ifindfashionforyou and @funfitdetroit.
woman holding shopping bags

Five Must-Visit Fashion Boutiques In + Around Detroit

It’s looking a lot like summer in the D. Thank goodness Detroit Moms, because with the April we had (snow galore), I thought I would have to keep our winter wardrobe still lingering “just...
national sister's day

Easy Ways to Celebrate National Sister’s Day

“Hey Sis, no, not you! I'm talking to my other sis. Nope! Not you either!” Sunday is National Sister's Day, and I am the youngest of four girls--ahem, I mean women--with no brothers! So,...

Detroit Mom’s Travel Series: Manistee

Growing up in the mitten, I hate to admit it, but I thought a great vacation was traveling to the beautiful state of Florida or the glamorous state of California--not my own home state...
gift ideas for father's day

Worry-Free Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Who remembers Detroit River Days? I certainly do! The fun-filled, action-packed festival right along the Detroit Riverfront always landed the weekend of Father’s Day! Our family loved to take the boys' grandfather almost every...
beauty and skincare

5 Beauty and Skincare Routines to Update for Spring

Picture this: The fresh, warm air on your beautiful face. The hot sun beating down on you and the children running around in circles at the park laughing and playing. SPRING in Detroit. It’s...
birth story

The Best and Worst Day of My Life: A Firstborn’s Birth Story

“STOP, I can’t breathe! NO! I can't lay down! PLEASE, don’t make me lay down, I can’t do this right now!” This is what I wanted to forget about my firstborn’s birth story. But...
winter fashion

My 3 Favorite Go-To Winter Fashion Items

As Detroiters - or better yet, as Detroit Moms - in these cold winter months, how can we keep up with our little ones and look fabulous doing it? What winter fashion choices...
local hot chocolate

National Cocoa Day: The Best Local Hot Chocolate In + Around Detroit

You had me at CHOCOLATE! National Cocoa Day is tomorrow, December 13th. If it were up to chocolate lovers, however, National Cocoa Day would be every day. Tomorrow we will celebrate the wonderful, smooth,...

Detroit Mom Welcomes Antonette, a Macomb Township Mom

Hi! My name is Antonette! I am 100 percent Filipino, born in Detroit and raised in the "burbs." Named after my Father, Antonio, I am the fourth and final girl, so he needed his...