Giving Back: Tips For National Giving Hearts Day

Did you know today, February 8th, is National Giving Hearts Day? Yes, It’s exactly what you think! Our nation will give their hearts to one or all of their favorite non-profit organizations in any way they can, and in any way they love to give!

February is a month known for LOVE, hearts, and kindness because of Valentine’s Day. The American Heart Association also declared February as American Heart Month to raise awareness for heart disease and take control of your every day choices towards being healthy. This is just one of many wonderful organizations that push hard to share their mission and change the outcome of our future!

As Detroit Moms, we think about our future often. The future of our children at five, 10, or in 15 years . . . what will our world look like? It is in our nature to nurture and care for our family because one day, they will be caring for us.  

The history of National Giving Hearts Day goes back to 2008 when a medical foundation in North Dakota created a simple way to ask people to show their love for charities and people in need during Valentine’s Day–not just showing affection toward your love or your boo. 

They did this by asking them to donate to their favorite charities that they feel the most passionate about and it spread across the Midwest. It spread nationally in 2017, so that everyone is able to participate in this movement for a better future! 

How do you find out who to give to? 

With so many people in need and approximately 23,466 non-profits in the Detroit area according to Cause IQ, let’s break down the areas into which types of categories we, as community members, can give to: 

  • Arts, culture, and humanities 
  • Business and community development organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Foundations
  • Human service organizations
  • Mutual assistance organizations
  • Recreation, sports, and social clubs
  • Religious organizations
  • Unions and employment organizations
  • Youth development organizations

As mothers, some of us have school-aged children. This is where we can start: by contributing to our children’s future! Donate your time to volunteer, donate supplies, or make a gift of your choice for the school to use for a special project they may have in place. For instance, a new playground or a new initiative to replace all old and dilapidated furniture. 

As Detroit Moms, we are connected because we have an understanding of how life can be at any stage and at any age. Finding a connection to a non-profit is a great way to start diving into giving! 

For example, I have a friend who recently won her battle with breast cancer! But, what her family had gone through–full of worry, fearing the worst that someday her children could be without their mother, all of the doctor’s appointments and emotional stress, not only on her but everyone else (her friends, her family, her community). This connection brought me closer to wanting to dive deep and help Breast Cancer Awareness research and to help other patients get through this hard time. A donation or volunteering time will help! 

What is the best way for YOU to give? 

According to, the word “give” means to present voluntarily and without expecting compensation. Growing up in the ’80s, my parents were immigrants from the Philippines. They were making a living here in the United States with four children. Each week my parents were able to give to our church some type of donation, even though we were not rich and just making ends meet. During the time when the collection basket was coming around, I always knew my parents had a little extra for our church! 

Think about what the BEST way is to give for family. Get your kids involved with volunteering at an organization of their choice, whether it’s for your church or the many kid-friendly organizations here in Detroit that need YOUR help! Most of the organizations will allow you to start a small fundraiser of your own to help further their mission. Just contact them and let them know you would love to make an impact and help them achieve their fundraising goals! 

To give or not to give? 

As a family, assess your financial status and share with your children what you are giving and why. They may not understand it now, but they will remember it in the future. Financial literacy for you and your children is important at any age. There are many great resources out there offering free advice.

I hope National Giving Hearts Day will help jump-start your heart to give a little more love to those who may need it the most. Just remember: a smile with a little dose of kindness doesn’t cost a thing, but may help someone who is having a really bad day!

Giving back and volunteering can be a whole-family event. Antonette also shares how to teach your kids the importance of doing so!

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Antonette is a Girly Boymom of 2, a Dogmom of 3 and a wife of a hard-working husband in the medical field. Born in Detroit and raised in the "Burbs" they now reside in Macomb Township where they love to update their sweet, sweet home little by little for 10 years now. She was a SAHM-Socially Active Home Mom- due to the Pandemic. But then worked for a children's charity organization for over a year where she found her Philanthropy passion for the non-profit world! With that she has worked in Retail Management for a number of years from High-End Fashion to Home Decor! You can say “This Filipina Mama has a Sense of Style”! When she’s not having fun with her boys, you will find her volunteering at church or Instablogging @quaityofwifeandboys. Here, she shares Filipino Recipes, Kid Stuff, Fashion-Forward Reels and anything and everything about being MOM! She also loves to sing and dance! You’ll always find her wearing some sort of Pink and drinking a Latte! There's also a momprenuer bug inside this non-stop Filipina! She is a freelance writer/content creator for various businesses and publications. She is here to help your business or non-profit organization!


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