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As we approach the end of 2023, we recognize the resilience our communities have shown as well as the hardships they’ve faced. We continue to face challenges many of us have never seen before. Charitable and non-profit organizations are overwhelmed by demand. As many Detroit-area families are struggling to meet basic needs this year, community organizations are stepping up efforts to lend a hand. This Giving Tuesday, they need our support.

2023 is the year to open our hearts and lend a hand. Giving Tuesday is the perfect time to do so. We all have something to give. Detroit Mom has found many, many worthwhile organizations that would gladly accept whatever we have to offer.

Maybe it’s an hour a week reading online with kids, or maybe it’s needed supplies. Perhaps it’s a cash donation. Anything we can give will help make Giving Tuesday 2023 an impactful one for charities that rely on donors like us.

Click the photos below to browse some of the local organizations that would love your donation this year!

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Jessica Lukenbill
Here at Detroit Mom, I am surrounded by an awesome community of women who have helped me find a place where I feel I truly belong. I’m a proud foodie who keeps crazy busy with cooking and canning, gardening, decorating, craft projects, and more. My husband of 19 years is Jason, and we have Gwenna, 11, and Larson, 7, as well as a silver Lab named Indy. We have lived in New Hudson for almost four years now. Mid Michigan is home for me, but after my husband graduated college, we spent 16 years moving around his home state of Indiana. Just prior to moving back to Michigan, we lived in Southern California for three years, exploring and extreme-adventuring with our kids to every beautiful outdoor location we could find. We are the family that spends more weekends away than at home, and our kids are master-level road-trippers. Most of our summers are spent at the lake, where I'm convinced it's not a proper summer without a dip in the water every day from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Reach out and say hi sometime!


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