Jessica Lukenbill

Hi there! I’m Jessica, stay at home mom and proud foodie who keeps crazy busy with cooking and canning, gardening, decorating, craft projects, and more. "Choose happy" and "kill them with kindness" are my life's mottos, and I repeat them to my children often. My husband of 17 years is Jason, and we have Gwenna, 9, and Larson, 5, as well as a young silver lab named Indy. We have lived in New Hudson just over a year, where we love learning about the flora and fauna on our property. Mid Michigan is home for me, but after my husband graduated college, we spent 16 years moving around his home state of Indiana. Just prior to moving back to Michigan, we lived in Southern California for three years, exploring and extreme-adventuring with our kids to every beautiful outdoor location we could find. We are the family that spends more weekends away than at home, and our kids are master-level road-trippers. Putting down roots in the Detroit area is our plan. I am so excited to connect with this huge tribe of Detroit Moms!

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Hi there! I’m Jessica, your resident foodie whose happy place is in the kitchen. “Crazy creative” is a badge I wear proudly. I rely on any number of outlets to keep me sane from...