Elizabeth Lewis

Hi Mamas! I’m Elizabeth, Owner/ Founder of Detroit Moms Blog. I have four pretty awesome kids and one amazing husband. My life's chaotic, but I love every minute of it! I am a travel addict, take ridiculous amounts of pictures without ever printing, hosting is my calling and I collect more books than I ever have time to read. I look forward to connecting with you either online or off. See you soon! 

A Guide to Empowering Our Children to be Compassionate, Inclusive, and Antiracist

If we have learned anything over the past year, it's that we as humans have a lot of unlearning and a lot of educating—of ourselves and of our children—to do. It's time to dedicate...

2022 Detroit Mom-Approved Holiday Gift Guide

There's something so incredible about shopping local and supporting businesses within our community. It's something we're extremely passionate about here at Detroit Mom. Buying local gives back to our community and, I don't know...

Girls Can Play Flag Football, Too!

Girls can play flag football, too!  We tell our girls they can do anything, and playing football should be no exception. My daughter has looked up to my son since the day she was born....

Terror on Tillson: Everything You Need to Know Before Visiting

One of the nation’s biggest Halloween displays is right here in Metro Detroit! The small town of Romeo gets extra spooky every year and brings in thousands of visitors to view the elaborate decorations...

A Guide to 48 Hours in Grand Rapids

A couple of weeks ago, we ventured over to Grand Rapids. Believe it or not, I have lived in Michigan my entire life and haven't made my way over to Grand Rapids. I'm sure...

Ice Cream Experiences You Have to Have In + Around Detroit

Have you ever treated yourself to a donut sundae? How about a waffle ice cream sandwich, or a towering, overstuffed milkshake? Well, it's time to add these delicious treats to your foodie bucket list....
berry picking

Summer Family Fun: Berry Picking In + Around Detroit

last updated June 17th, 2022 We all know that metro Detroit has some pretty stellar apple orchards. But, did you know many of the apple orchards offer other produce to pick . . . and...

2022 Detroit Mom-Approved Summer Camp Guide

After being stuck inside all winter, we couldn't be more excited that spring is here! And with warmer weather and the anticipation of our children's last day of school comes summer vacation. Have you...
mother's day gift

2022 Detroit Mom-Approved Mother’s Day Gift Guide

It's one of our favorite times of the year — when we get to celebrate moms! Here at Detroit Mom, we love showing appreciation and gratitude for every type of mom in the world....

Virtual Tutoring for Busy Families with GoPeer

The homework struggle in our home is real. Every time my daughter comes home with math homework, I silently scream to myself. Math is not my favorite subject and let's be honest, these days...