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Detroit Mom partnered with the amazing people at GoPeer to bring you this post. All opinions are our own. Use code CITYMOM20 for $20 tutoring credit and a free 7-day trial.

The homework struggle in our home is real. Every time my daughter comes home with math homework, I silently scream to myself. Math is not my favorite subject and let’s be honest, these days they’re doing math completely different. I find myself heading to Google as I prep to help my fourth-grader with math and trust me, it’s not pleasant.

Now, insert parent-teacher conferences and our daughter’s teacher telling us she needs a little extra help with math. Panic mode instantly sets in as I realize that I cannot be the person who gives her extra help. Not to mention, our schedules are chaotic, and I’m not sure when I would be able to squeeze in running her somewhere for tutoring and let’s not forget, the cost of tutoring. These are all things that have stopped us from exploring it in the past.

Then we heard about GoPeer, an online virtual tutoring service that matches you with a college student in your desired subject area. To be honest, they had me at virtual.

What is GoPeer?

GoPeer is an online, 1:1 virtual tutoring service that strives to make high-quality tutoring accessible to all families. They connect families with qualified undergraduates online who tutor students from kindergarten through college. These, my friends, aren’t your average college students. GoPeer hires fewer than 5% of applicants which means your child gets tutored from an elite pool of 10,000 top-tier university students. I found myself reading through each bio in awe of these college students. They’re impressive to say the least.

How Does It Work?

It’s easy. I mean really easy.

First things first, click here to create your account.

Scroll up to “request a tutor.” Once you’re there, you’ll choose your subject. There are over 150 subjects to choose from – things like essay editing, piano, anatomy and physiology, and you can even get SAT and ACT prep in specific areas. Reading through the list of subjects made me wish they had GoPeer for adults. There’s no doubt that your child would be supported in any subject they needed help with.

Now, let’s find the perfect tutor. Here’s a screenshot of how simple the process is.

The tutor section was incredible to me. Once I selected the subject, GoPeer provided me with three personalized tutor recommendations. Within minutes, the first recommendation popped up on the screen and I was able to view her profile, read her reviews, and more. She immediately sent me a message telling me about herself and why she’d be a good fit for my daughter. Here’s her profile and some of the information you can view about her. If you were to scroll down, you could read all of her reviews as well.

Simple and quick, right?

Remember: you aren’t stuck to one tutor. If you don’t love the first tutor, try another one. We loved ours, I mean loved. Harper was so excited to work with Bella and was already asking when her next session was before the first one even ended. She woke up the following morning saying she feels so much more confident with angles and can’t wait to tell her teacher. For me, it couldn’t be more obvious on how beneficial GoPeer is going to be. I want to make sure that I’m always making the best decision for my daughter and I love the options GoPeer has for you. I feel confident in knowing that if one of the tutors doesn’t work out, there will be another one that will be perfect for her.

How Much Does It Cost?

Well, they’ve also made this pretty simple and affordable.

  1. After your free trial, you pay a monthly fee of $48 a month to GoPeer to be able to access their tutors, unlimited linked family account, recordings of tutoring sessions, and access to GoPeer’s virtual classroom and mobile app. The price does decrease if you choose a 6 month ($36 a month/$216) or 1 year option ($24 per month/$288). The cost is not per individual – it covers your entire family (BONUS).
  2. Once you’ve paid the monthly fee, you pay your tutor $20 per hour. If you don’t need an hour, you pay $10 for 30 minutes or by the minute. You get to choose. The best part is, the tutor keeps every single dollar.

What I love more than anything is how accessible GoPeer is. It’s something that everyone can take advantage of. There are nights in our home that I feel like I can barely stop to breathe as we attempt to prep for the next days while wrapping up the current one. As parents, there are so many things on our plates and if you can take something like this off, how relieved would you feel?

If you’re ready to give it a try, we have a special offer just for you!

GoPeer is offering all Detroit Mom readers a FREE 7-day trial and a $20 credit (equal to one hour of tutoring). How can you resist this offer?!

Use this link and code to redeem: CITYMOM20

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