Meet The Local Authors You’ll Find In + Around Detroit!

It’s so easy to get lost inside a book and find yourself in another world. It’s one of the reasons books are so amazing! Even more amazing than the books, however, are the authors who put pen to paper and bring their ideas to life. And right here in the Detroit area, there’s no shortage of local authors to support.

Since March is Reading Month, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to show some love to some Michigan authors. The ones who followed their dreams, mastered their craft, worked tirelessly on draft after draft, and who proudly share their words with us, every time we open one of their books.

Whether you’re looking for a new book to read, a new genre to dive into, or just a new local author to support, you’ll find it on our list. We’re so excited to introduce you to these amazing local authors in + around Detroit. Who knows, you might even find someone from your hometown!

Local Authors In + Around Detroit

Books for Children + Teens

Caroline Kerfoot

Caroline lives in West Bloomfield. Her debut children’s book series, Hi, I’m Fox!, which she wrote and illustrated, celebrates kindness, friendship, and inclusion. With the help of some new animal friends, Fox (her dog) overcomes many obstacles to find her family.

Cindy Williams Schrauben

Cindy’s first children’s book, This Could Be You, shows children all the amazing careers that lay ahead of them. It’s a lovely book filled with positive messages, encouraging every child to dream big. Cindy currently resides in Mount Pleasant.

Eman Saleh

Eman’s diverse characters can be seen in her very first picture book, The Great Labne Trade. In this, we see a young Arab boy learn to embrace his heritage. Eman currently lives in metro Detroit where she operates an early childhood education center.

Kimberly Wyman

An author-illustrator, Kimberly’s books are whimsical treats. Grow Love follows arctic animals as they all find ways to fill their hearts. You are my baby. I am your mommy. is an amazing book for families who have gone through or are currently going through the adoption process. Kimberly lives in Royal Oak.

Lindsay Gizicki

An author from St. Clair Shores, Lindsay’s children’s books To the Moon and Back and The Pirate Doctor arrived in 2022. To the Moon and Back is a rhyming bedtime story about the depth of a mother’s love. The Pirate Doctor, a picture book, follows a brave little girl on her quest to heal pirates in need. In 2023, Lindsay published her third book called The Guardians of the Garden.

Maria Dismondy

Maria Dismondy is from southeast Michigan. She’s an author and the founder of Cardinal Rule Press, a children’s book publisher located in Wixom. Maria’s writing career started in 2008 when she published her first book, Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun.

Monica Hammerick

An elementary teacher living in southeastern Michigan, Monica’s debut book, The Give Back Sack, is about the true meaning of Christmas. Along with a copy of the book, there are also hand sewn drawstring sacks you can buy to get your family in the giving spirit for the holidays.

Rebecca Mix

Rebecca is a New York Times bestselling author living in Royal Oak. Her debut novel, The Ones We Burn, is a young adult fiction story about witches at war. Her next book, The Ghostwing’s Lie, will arrive in October of 2024.

Renee Bolla

Renee is from Birmingham. Her picture books Finding Bunny and Imagine That! are out now. Finding Bunny is about a young girl and her favorite stuffed animal. Imagine That! follows a little girl who is afraid of the dark, and how she overcomes her overactive imagination to get to sleep. Renee will be launching her third book this year called, The Truth About Stepmoms.

Shelley Johannes

Shelley is an author from Royal Oak who writes and illustrates gorgeous picture books and chapter books. Shelley’s books include the Beatrice Zinker, Upside Down Thinker chapter book series, and her picture books, More Than Sunny and This Joy! Shelley lives in Clinton Township.

Shona Darin

Shona was born in Manchester, England, but now lives in Royal Oak. She has two board books, If I Could… Be A Pet! and If I Lived… On a Farm! In these books, a child explores what it would be like to be various pets or farm animals. He learns in the end that there’s nothing quite as special as who you already are.

Suzanne Jacobs Lipshaw

Located in Waterford, Suzanne’s picture books are based on true stories! Her debut book, I Campaigned for Ice Cream: A Boy’s Quest for Ice Cream Trucks, is about a little boy who fights an outdated law banning ice cream trucks from his city. In Mighty Mahi, we follow a wounded sea turtle as she makes her way back to the ocean with some help from some human friends.

Books for Adults

Bonnie Jo Campbell

Bonnie currently lives in Comstock. Her novels include American Salvage, Q Road, and Once Upon a River. Michigan is the backdrop and inspiration for all of these amazing works. Once Upon a River follows a wild, 16-year-old girl who travels through rural Michigan on a journey of self-preservation.

Erin Bartels

Living in Lansing, Erin is an award-winning author of a handful of books including The Words Between Us and The Girl Who Could Breathe Under Water. All of Erin’s books are beautifully written with soulful characters that give you many different perspectives and leave you wanting more.

J.L. Hyde

A Central Michigan University graduate, J.L. Hyde is an indie author of seven murder mystery novels. Raised in the Upper Peninsula, Hyde recently moved back to Michigan and released her latest book, Secrets of Grady (Grady Lake Mystery Series Book 2).

John Grogan

The author behind the tear-jerker Marley and Me. John Grogan, like so many authors on our list, attended Central Michigan University (fun fact, in the movie, Jennifer Aniston even wears some CMU gear!). John also penned a national bestselling memoir named The Longest Trip Home.

Josh Malerman

Josh started writing his first novel while being the singer/songwriter of the Detroit rock band The High Strung. His debut book, Bird Box (yes, the inspiration behind the hit Netflix movie!), is a horror-filled version of a world unraveled.

Monique Asher

Monique’s debut novel will be available in summer 2024! She is a horror writer who truly loves all things scary, and she makes a point to incorporate those elements into her writing. She also hosts a podcast with her sister!

Rose Wellman

Rose is an anthropologist and author. In her book, Feeding Iran: Shi’i Families and the Making of the Islamic Republic, Rose examines the state of Basiji families post-1979 Revolution. Rose is currently overseeing research in Michigan’s Arab community with her students.

Sara Rian

Sara lives in Metro Detroit and writes poetry. She is a mental health professional and she uses writing as her way to process emotions.

Terry McMillan

A New York Times Best Seller, you may know her for the author behind the book that inspired the movie How Stella Got Her Groove Back. Born and raised in Port Huron, Terry’s recent book, It’s Not All Downhill From Here, is about finding joy in the later years of life.

Tom Stanton

A local journalist, Tom helped found The Voice Newspapers in Detroit, where he served as an editor for over 15 years. Terror in the City of Chapions: Murder, Baseball, and the Secret Society that Shocked Depression-Era Detroit is Stanton’s most recent novel. It outlines Detroit in the mid-1930’s and tells the true story of the dangerous Black Legion.


Tumkeen is a writer from Troy with published works of poetry including her book, Breathe: Reflections and Poetry from the 2020 Lockdown. She has also been featured in Ramadhan In Isolation: A Muslimah Writers Anthology and Rather Quiet magazine.

Wade Rouse

Wade also writes under the pen name Viola Shipman, whose novels include The Summer Cottage, The Recipe Box, and The Charm Bracelet. He lives in Saugatuck and also publishes novels under his birth name. He is the bestselling author of 13 books.

You know how much we love supporting small business here at Detroit Mom. And, we know that books bring so much joy into our lives! We hope you saw one of your favorite local authors on our list, or found a new author you’d love to get to know. Is your favorite author missing from our post? Let us know, so we can add them in!

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