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sexual assault

April is National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month

Where is that important chapter in my What to Expect When You’re Expecting book? The one that tells me what to expect in my pregnancy and postpartum journey as a victim of sexual assault? When the...
infertility resource

Detroit Mom’s Infertility + Loss Support Group

Trying to navigate life during infertility or after miscarriage, stillbirth, infant loss, or TFMR can feel terribly lonely and extremely difficult. Here at Detroit Mom, we want you to know that you’re not alone....

The Parenting Post: Language Learned At School

Do you have a parenting hurdle you’re working through? If so, “The Parenting Post” is for you! One of our writers, Albiona, has been answering all of YOUR parenting questions over on IG. We’ve turned...

Detroit Mom Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt + Coloring Pages

Our neighborhood egg hunt is a tradition we started a couple of years ago that our kids love and we want to keep it going again this year. For anyone who is not attending...

Guide to Local Authors In + Around Detroit

It's so easy to get lost inside a book and find yourself in another world. It's one of the reasons books are so amazing! Even more amazing than the books, however, are the authors...
moms playing with baby on floor

The Parenting Post: Worrying About Milestones

DISCLAIMER: The following post outlines the writer’s personal tips for worrying about developmental milestones. It is not intended to act as medical advice. As always, please consult your doctor with any questions about your...
moms with hands around each other's backs with the text a mom's guide to taking action against gun violence

A Mom’s Guide to Taking Action Against Gun Violence

The tragedy that took place in East Lansing has left us heartbroken. It also brought back memories of what happened in Oxford, not that long ago. It's time for change. We won't forget what...
talk with kids about traumatic events

How to Talk with Kids About Traumatic Events: A Resource Guide

Our hearts are broken as we are faced with yet another tragedy, this time in East Lansing. After the tragedy in Oxford last school year, this again is so close to home for so...
Karma Wellness Kitchen

The Benefits of Clean Eating with Karma Wellness Kitchen

I am a lucky daughter who grew up in the food business. In my Indian home, I had the best of both worlds: my mom and grandmother were amazing cooks who loved to feed...
mom with kids sitting on couch

The Parenting Post: How to Foster Confidence in Our Kids

Do you have a parenting hurdle you're working through? If so, "The Parenting Post" is for you! One of our writers, Albiona, has been answering all of YOUR parenting questions over on IG, and...