Reignite Your Love of Reading This March

March is National Reading Month and as moms we are familiar with what that means for our kids at school. But what about us? The moms who would love to get back into reading or even read a little more than we do? I’m sharing five tips to help you reignite your love of reading this March and get back on track.

In this video, I’ll walk you through the simple steps: Reignite Your Love of Reading.

Tip #1: Set a reading goal and stick to it

Whether you want to read a certain number of minutes a day, a certain number of books a year, or even read a certain type of book (more nonfiction, for example), set that goal and make it happen!

Tip #2: Make reading time just for reading

Turn off the TV and lock your phone in a drawer if you have to. Spend time just allowing your brain to absorb what you’re reading.

Tip #3: Take a book everywhere you go

In my opinion, you should never leave the house without a book. Whether you like physical copies, digital copies, or even audiobooks, you should always have one on hand. Those extra minutes waiting at the doctor’s office or in the school pick up line are valuable reading minutes.

Tip #4: Read genres you enjoy

If you despise romance books, don’t read them. If you couldn’t stand the last book in the series you read, don’t read the next one. Read things you like and the rest will come easily.

Tip #5: It’s not a competition

Reading should not cause you stress. This isn’t college or for a grade so don’t compare yourself to others. Read as much or as little as you like and just enjoy it!

If you’re hoping to make the most of reading month and get back into it or read a little more, be sure to join our Detroit Mom Book Club and follow me on Instagram for all things book-related!


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