6 of the Best Thrift Stores In + Around Detroit

When you’re thinking of thrift stores or secondhand goods, you may automatically think of Salvation Army and Goodwill. Their selections can be mundane (Kohl’s and Old Navy), and the prices can be very steep for being secondhand. However, throughout Metro Detroit, there are so many smaller thrift stores with awesome brands, unique pieces, great prices, and even some amazing charitable causes. I’m sharing six of the best in the metro Detroit area.

thrift6 of the Best Thrift Stores in Metro Detroit

1. Open Door Resale

Open Door Resale thrift store is located in Waterford Township. Currently, it’s a really small store, but they are expanding their space. They carry a ton of women’s clothing and accessories with a smaller section for men’s, kids, and babies. This store doesn’t have furniture, but they do have a lot of home items, toys, and books as well. They have monthly sales with specific colored tag items for a dollar and another color tag for 25% off. Be sure to grab a punch card while you’re there, too! Once you fill up your punch card, you get $10 off your next purchase. I’ve found a ton of designer jeans, purses, and shoes here.

What’s so wonderful about this store is that it is ran by volunteers, and aside from the rent and utilities, the money they make goes towards those who are desperately in need. Right next door to the thrift store, they have an office where they run a food pantry for the local area. They also provide assistance for anyone who is in need of clothing, food, household items, toiletries, and other programs to help those in desperate financial need in our area. This organization helps people directly in our community.

2. Council Resale

Council Resale is located in Berkley, just off 12 Mile Rd. This is a smaller, boutique style thrift store. They sell women’s and men’s clothing, including designer pieces. They also have jewelry, accessories, home décor, and art. Even though this store is small, it’s definitely worth a visit because they are always getting great brands and unique vintage pieces donated. Everything here is in great condition – no rips or stains. Periodically, they do have sales – most recently, a “fill your bag for $20” sale. It’s definitely a store with hidden gems and will give you that sense of adventure when you’re shopping.

This store is also ran by volunteers. The proceeds from sales support the National Council of Jewish Women, Michigan who give back to our local community. This thrift store also runs a special sale event where they donate a portion of their sales other special charities.

3. Freedom Treasures Resale Shop

Freedom Treasures Resale Shop is located in Waterford Township. While their clothing and shoe section is small, they do carry a lot of furniture, household items, books, and toys, Their prices are awesome; prices range from just 50 cents to a few dollars for clothes without retail price tags. They do have a lot of clothing items that are brand new with tag. Shoes and purses range anywhere from a dollar to $10. On Friday and Saturday, all clothing and shoes are 50% off, along with other daily sales. There are a lot of hidden gems at this store, and it’s such a fun thrift hunt to be had. The best item I’ve ever found here was a gorgeous Michael Kors purse for $8.

Proceeds from these sales go towards services that help adults with disabilities in Oakland and Genesee counties. These services help them with job development, placement, and coaching, along with support that give these adults experiences to gain other non-job-related strengths and skills.

4. Grace Centers of Hope

Grace Centers of Hope is non-profit Christian organization with several thrift stores throughout the Detroit area. Their thrift stores are located in Warren, Oak Park, Waterford, and Sterling Heights. They carry a lot of clothing, shoes, purses, and home items, along with furniture and appliances. Their prices are great; shoes are $3.99 unless marked. Clothing prices range from $3.99 to $8.99, depending on the brand and if the retail price tags are still attached. The store does run daily sales – sometimes on the weekends, they give 50% off your entire purchase!

This thrift store is so wonderful because sale proceeds support services to people who are dealing with effects of addiction, abuse, and homelessness. These individuals are provided basic necessities such as clothes, food, and shelter, while they receive guidance and help to get their lives back in order.

5. Value World Thrift Stores

Value Worlds are huge thrift stores, with a ton of clothing items and shoes. It can be overwhelming, but there are a lot of hidden gems and good brands. These stores do periodically have sales and they have a VIP Club where members receive special offers, updates, and coupons. What makes this thrift store unique is the fact that they purchase their inventory, rather than accept donations. They purchase from non-profit organizations and municipal recycling programs and sometimes even retailers. They have ten locations throughout Metro Detroit:

  • Pontiac
  • Southfield
  • Westland
  • Oak Park
  • Warren
  • Ypsilanti
  • Taylor
  • Southgate
  • East Pointe
  • Clinton Township

6. Plato’s Closet

Believe it or not, Plato’s Closet is a great secondhand store. If you’re not familiar with Plato’s, they are a secondhand store that purchases their inventory from people. All of their items are prescreened before they are purchased by the store, which ensures that clothing or shoe items are in really good condition. They sell mall-type brands and higher-end brands if they can procure them. Depending on the brand, prices range from a few dollars to about $30 or more. For example, a pair of American Eagle jeans typically might cost about $12-$14. Periodically, they have really great sales with 50%, 70%, and 90% off clearance tags. Follow their social media pages for up to date info on sales.

They have six locations throughout Metro Detroit:

  • Novi
  • Auburn Hills
  • Rochester
  • Madison Heights
  • Canton
  • Utica

Keep in mind, thrift stores are different from consignment shops. Consignment stores are selling for people, so they can be pricier. Thrift stores, on the other hand, run their stores on donated items, therefore leaving their prices and selections much more desirable, and fun to discover. Happy hunting!

Do you know of any awesome thrift stores? Let us know! While you’re out and about, you can check out some of the best places for vinyl records in the area, too.


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