Katie Goncalves

Katie is a Novi mom to a spunky little girl and married to her college sweetheart. She is a full-time stay at home mom, a part-time swim coach, and the Community Engagement Coordinator for Detroit Mom. Katie is a wine and cheese fanatic, a small-scale shopaholic, and a reading enthusiast. Follow Katie's motherhood journey on Instagram @momjeansreinvented

10 Summer Back Porch Reads

There’s nothing quite like summertime—sitting on the back porch, enjoying the longer daylight hours, sipping a cool beverage, and diving headfirst into a great summer read. Some books just scream “READ ME IN THE...

Grand Haven: Detroit Moms’ Favorite Michigan Vacation Spots

Grand Haven is one of Michigan's most popular summer towns for good reason: there's something to keep everyone happy. The obvious vacation choice is to spend summer days on the beach at Lake Michigan....

The Best Book Subscription Boxes for Adults

As we enter day eleventy million of quarantine, I have a lot of regrets about not blowing through my local library Supermarket Sweep style and picking up bags of books. I'm an avid reader and...

Let These Children’s Authors Homeschool Your Littlest Learners

Parents everywhere have quickly added another job title to their resume: homeschool teacher. For the littlest learners, finding activities that are engaging, high-quality, and educational can be challenging. Their attention spans are short. They...

10 Useless Baby Products You Don’t Need on Your Registry

Congratulations, new mama! You are eagerly waiting for the day you get to waddle into your favorite baby supply store and create your dream registry. The overly attentive sales associate is more than ready...

15 Actionable Ways to Stop Living the “Have to” Life

It’s a brand new decade, friends, and it’s high time we stop living the "have to" life. We are so accustomed to living our lives in the fast lanes, barreling down a ten-lane freeway...

30 Screen-Free Activities to Keep Your Kids Entertained on the Go

It’s no secret that screen time is an integral part of how we live our lives today. However, the constant presence of screens in and out of our homes presents a unique set of...

Don’t You Dare Step on My Christmas Spirit

I am the queen of Christmas Spirit. The tree goes up Thanksgiving weekend. I sing Christmas songs from the moment the radio starts playing them. Full afternoons are spent baking cookies. Visits to see...

I Can’t Own My Title as a Stay-at-Home Mom

It’s really a simple question, but it’s one that confuses me, catches me off guard, and occasionally brings me to tears: “What do you do for a living?” Not that long ago, the answers were so...

I Married a Man with an Outrageous Hobby

Glamour. Fame. Monaco. Gorgeous girls holding umbrellas. Speed. Money. Champagne spraying on podium finishes. These are the things that come to mind when I tell people my husband races cars. Yes, he has a race car....