The Ultimate Michigan Summer Bucket List


One of the things we love about summer is the endless amount of time we can spend exploring our beautiful state. There are so many amazing spots to see and adventurous things to do! It can be hard to know where to start–that’s why we came up with the ultimate Michigan summer bucket list!

We put together a fun summer list for you and your family to work your way through, whether you want to choose one activity each day or focus on just a couple each week. The next time your kids tell you they’re bored, show them this post and have them choose their next adventure for the day. And don’t worry, we know Michigan weather can be unpredictable–there’s a rainy day activities section for that!

bucket and shovel in sand with sunshine and the words the ultimate summer bucket list

Whether you want to spend time with nature, grab a bite to eat at a new restaurant, add a new park to your park hop list, or just want to do something NEW, rest assured that our list will provide your family with endless hours of summer fun. This is also perfect for those out-of-town visitors that you want to show off our state to. So, get started! See how many activities you can check off of our Michigan summer bucket list!

The Ultimate Michigan Summer Bucket List:


For the animal lovers in your family, you’ll want to check out:

Farms + Nature

Definitely save this section for a gorgeous summer morning. Michigan is home to so many family farms and natural areas! Check out some of our favorites:

Food + Nights Out

If you’re looking for a new place to grab lunch or dinner, or something exciting to do at night as a family, here is where we recommend:

Kid-Friendly Outdoor Activities

Plan to check out some of these kid-friendly places earlier in the day, before it gets too hot:

Music + Festivals

Don’t forget a comfy blanket or lawn chair and some snacks when you stop in for these sights and sounds:


Have you ever done a park hop? Add these parks to your list the next time you head out to play:

Photo Ops!

Summer is not complete without the photographic evidence. We’ve planned out the BEST spots to stop for photo ops, including:

Rainy Day Indoor Activities

We know Michigan weather can be unpredictable, so here are some spots to check out this summer when it rains:

Water Activities

Save these for those HOT days when you want to be outside, but need a way to stay cool:

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