Hi! I'm Shereena! I'm a retired Disney princess who's now trying to navigate the wild world of motherhood. I met my husband at the happiest place on earth and now we spend our days exploring Metro Detroit with our 3 kids. I'm a first time mom, boy mom, step mom, and miscarriage mom. Each title continues to teach me something new about motherhood that I'm excited to share with the world.

Breastfeeding Tips to Know Before You Start

Breastfeeding is natural, right? So that means it’ll be easy, right? One of the first things I learned in a breastfeeding class was that I was clueless about breastfeeding. After the six hour class,...

5 New Mom Tips I Wish I Had Learned Sooner

As soon as I got pregnant, I remember thinking . . . now what? I was instantly overwhelmed with all of the new mom tips I was reading about. I did my best to...

Detroit Mom Welcomes Shereena, a Sylvan Lake Mom

Hi! My name is Shereena and I’m so excited to start my journey as a Detroit Mom! Below are a few things about myself and my family. I can’t wait to learn more about...