25 Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

I think we can collectively agree that teaching is one of the most important jobs that one can have and is crucial to our children’s futures; yet, many teachers are overworked, underpaid, and under appreciated. Therefore, any chance I get to shout out, show love and kindness, or help in any way possible for my children’s teachers, I will be the first one there willing to help and shout their praises from the roof top.

This year Teacher Appreciation Week runs from May 6th-May 10th. Any teacher will tell you they don’t need or expect gifts, but I know for myself personally, if you are willing to care for and love my child as if they were your own, I am going to spoil you any chance I get!  Last year I chose three different simple gift items, added a cute tag, and my son had something special to bring to his teachers each day that week to show his appreciation–costing less than $20 total for a week of gifts.

Cute + Easy Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts

Here are 25 fun ideas for simple gift items, with free printable tags to include!

1. Bath Bombs: “Teacher, you’re the bomb!”

Tie this cute tag to a bath bomb wrapped up in cellophane and your teacher will be dreaming of a nice relaxing bath after school.

2. Bundt Cakes: “There’s no ifs, ands, or bundts about it…you are amazing!”

Nothing says you have an amazing teacher like handing them a scrumptious bundt cake to enjoy on their lunch break!

3. Cactus: “Needles to say, you’re a great teacher!”

Have a plant lover as your teacher? Send in something a little different than the normal flowers this year!

4. Chick-Fil-A: “Thank you for teaching our little nugget.”

We know those school nights can be crazy busy. The same goes for teachers! Grab a gift card, attach the tag, and your teacher will have a go-to meal on those busy nights.

5. Chocolate: “Thanks a choco-lot for all that you do!”

Godiva, Hersey’s, Lindt . . . what is your chocolate of choice? I mean, can you really go wrong with any of them?!

6. Cookies“Chip, Chip, Hooray!”

Swing by your favorite local cookie shop and grab a delicious fresh cookie to make your teacher’s day.

7. Donuts: “Donut what I would do without you.”

Get your teacher’s morning started off right with some donuts from a local donut shop. And even better, grab a coffee to go with it!

8. Flair Pens: “There’s no denying that you’ve got a flair for teaching!”

Who doesn’t love a fresh new pack of flair pens? Grab a fun new pack and they will for sure be loved!

9. Flowers: “I bloom because of you.”

The tried and true; flowers are sure to make your teacher’s day a bit brighter.

10. Honey: “I love to bee in your class.”

Get some fresh made honey from a local supplier (my favorite being Honey Help!), for a creative gift just as sweet as they are.

11. Ice Cream: “Here’s the scoop: you’re the sweetest.”

Either get a gift card to your favorite local ice cream shop or create an ice cream sundae basket. Either way, you will surely having them screaming for ICE CREAM!

12. Latte: “Thanks a latte for all you do.”

Get their day started with a pick-me-up and a little coffee love!

13. Lip Balm: “You’re the balm.”

After a day of talking and teaching little ones, I’m sure a gift of a nice lip balm would be greatly appreciated!

14. M&Ms: “Thank you for being such a magnificent & marvelous teacher.”

An easy gift! Grab your favorite variety, tape on the tag, and you are ready to go!

15. Manicure: “Mani thanks for all you do.”

Send your teacher for a little self care with a gift card to a local nail salon.

16. Markers: “What you do every day is reMARKable!”

We all know teachers go through white board markers quickly. So grab a fun color pack to brighten up their old markers!

17. Muffins: “Muffin to do but appreciate you.”

Swing by a local bakery on your way to school for a freshly baked muffin!

18. Pens: “Thanks for being dePENdable.”

There’s nothing like using a fresh pen when it glides on the paper nicely. Grab a new pack of fun pens for your child’s teacher!

19. Popcorn: “Just ‘poppin’ by to say thanks for a great year!”

A healthier snack alternative to help fill up their bellies throughout the day!

20. Reese’s Pieces: “I am thrilled to pieces to have you as my teacher.”

Who doesn’t love this chocolatey peanut buttery treat?!

21. Sharpies: “You’re one sharp teacher.”

With all the different Sharpie varieties, build up your teacher’s collection with this Teacher Appreciation Week gift!

22. S’mores: “We appreciate you s’more than you know!”

Get all the supplies needed for a good bonfire treat!

23. Soda: “I’m SODA-lighted you are my teacher this year.”

For the teachers whose go-to caffeine of choice is soda, grab their favorite type, pop on the tag, and make their day!

24. Summer: “Thank you for helping me shine.”

Pick up a cute towel, some fun sunglasses, and a nice-smelling sun screen to help get your teacher ready for summer!

25. Tacos: “Taco ’bout an awesome teacher!”

Grab a gift card to your favorite local Mexican restaurant or pick up all the fixings to have their own taco night at home!

Looking for Teacher Appreciation Week ideas for every day of the week? Rana shares a whole week’s worth of gift ideas!


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