Rollerblading: A Mom’s Path to Rejuvenation

“Am I really about to do this?” Those were the words I chuckled to myself as I strapped on my new pair of rollerblades. It had been almost two decades since I last glided along on wheels, but on a crisp spring morning earlier this year, I was feeling ambitious. Though my initial strides were shaky, a quiet confidence stirred within me. Turns out, rollerblading wasn’t as tough as I’d psyched myself up for. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at how decently I skated when I hit the pavement again.

As a kid, rollerblading was my ultimate joy. I remember zipping around the neighborhood, pretending I was competing in some sort of “world in-line skating championship.” Looking back on those fond nostalgic memories always brings a smile to my face.

Fun fact: I initially took up rollerblading because I wanted to be a figure skater. But the ice thing didn’t quite work out, so rollerblading became my beloved pastime. Fast forward to now, and reintroducing this hobby into my life has been incredibly rewarding.

The Two Important Truths

I’ve come to realize two important truths: leisure activities are an essential part of my well-being, and making time for myself is not only necessary but non-negotiable. As a busy mom on the go, I know how easy it is to get caught up in daily tasks and forget to prioritize “me time.” But I’m realizing now more than ever that self-care shouldn’t be pushed to the back burner.


One thing I really appreciate about rollerblading is how much fun it is. Some days, I literally feel like a kid again. Needless to say, I think it’s important to find things that still light us up as we get older.

Admittedly, rollerblading has reignited a sense of childlike bliss within me, which I’m so grateful for. The key is to prioritize activities that bring you delight. Even if life has shifted your attention, reviving those passions and infusing them with fresh energy could prove to be beneficial in more ways than one.

And, The Three Amazing Perks

Here are three awesome perks I’ve enjoyed since getting back on my blades:

1. Improved physical health

Rollerblading is a great way to stay active. When I hit the pavement, I can feel the burn. It’s a full-body workout that leaves me feeling strong and energized. The movement helps to tone muscles, and it definitely has contributed to my overall health and fitness. Plus, it’s low-impact and gentle on my joints, which may be a concern for some.

However, it’s worth noting that rollerblading on uneven or unstable surfaces can actually be quite harsh on your joints. So select your skating area carefully!

2. Enhanced mental well-being and creativity

I find that after a skate session, I’m better equipped to tackle challenges with a clear head and a renewed sense of focus and purpose. Rollerblading has significantly enhanced my state of being, allowing me to better embrace whatever life throws my way. When I’m out skating, I strive to be mindful and remain anchored in the present, allowing myself to fully savor the moment.

Rollerblading has been a catalyst for sparking my creativity. Whether I’m brainstorming solutions to a problem or simply taking in the scenery, I always find myself inspired in unexpected ways.

Rollerblading also fuels my imagination, making space for new ideas and inspiration to flow. As a result, I feel more prepared to tackle creative projects with renewed zest and enthusiasm.

3. Deeper connection with nature

I prefer to rollerblade outdoors because I love basking in the beauty of nature. Feeling the breeze against my skin and hearing the rustle of leaves as I glide is so refreshing. In fact, rollerblading has become somewhat of a sacred ritual for me—a source of tranquility and clarity that has deepened my bond with the world around me and revitalized my spirit.

In the meantime, when it comes to finding time for my beloved hobby, I’ve learned that I have to make it happen. No excuses–just me and the pavement, for an hour or so of pure bliss.

You know the saying about not being able to pour from an empty cup? Well, I’ve certainly felt that reality on more than one occasion. But I’ve learned that filling up your own cup first allows you to pour into others with even more vigor and vitality. I’m grateful to say that getting back on my rollerblades has been a rejuvenating and rewarding experience, always keeping my glass at least half full.

To all my fellow moms out there, I urge you to reconnect with the passions and dreams that are close to your heart. Whether it’s rollerblading, painting, gardening, or simply taking a moment for yourself, always honor your need for self-care.

Remember: a happy, fulfilled mom is more likely to radiate love and positivity in greater abundance, enriching the lives of those around her.

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