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Fun fact: I actually started blogging way back when I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) and Endometriosis. I find blogging to be two fold: it’s therapeutic for me to speak my truth, to put my thoughts and feelings out there and off my chest. I also have a hope, as I do with all of my writing, that somewhere one person will read what I write, and it will help them.

When you are broken and struggling, there are so many people and organizations out there to help. Our world is so much smaller thanks to the Internet; you can find solace right in the palm of your hand to help you through your toughest days.

Below I will provide a number of resources for you (and your family and friend) that can help support you during your navigation through infertility. Some are resources I found to be very helpful during my own struggles, and some are new.

Facebook Groups 

Did you know Detroit Moms Blog has a Facebook group to support people going through infertility or pregnancy loss? Click here to join!

Online Networks

Resolve: The National Infertility Association

Resolve was, hands down, the most amazing help for me as I was going through our infertility journey. The Resolve organization covers a wide range of services and philanthropy work from medical information to doctor searches and to support groups. One of my favorite things Resolve does every year is bring awareness to infertility and the struggles of families, not only during this week but for the whole month of April that culminates with a march in Washington to help bring support and awareness to infertility causes.

Infertility Lifelines

Infertility Lifelines is a great resource for learning about forms of infertility, finding a doctor, and helping with costs. This organization also specifically highlights resources for LGBTQ+ couples or individuals who are trying to start a family.


I’m an avid reader, so when I first was diagnosed, I headed straight for the bookstore to find whatever I could to help guide me. I also kept reading throughout my journey. Below is a small snip-it of the never-ending list of infertility related books available:

  • Inconceivable- Julia Indichova
  • The Infertility Survival Handbook- Elizabeth Swire Falker
  • The Fertility Diet- Dr’s. Jorge Chavarro & Walter Willett
  • The Underachieving Ovary- JT Lawrence
  • A Patient’s Guide to PCOS- Walter Futterweir & George Ryan


A beautiful thing about blogs is being able to read someone’s firsthand experiences and the raw, emotional truth of what they are going through. Here are some blogs that have been highlighted in multiple outlets:

Remember, You’re Not Alone

The list above is just a small minutia of the resources available to you. One important thing to remember is if you are really struggling, do not be afraid to seek professional help. There are many counselors, support groups, and psychologists who specialize in infertility, and they are available to you.

Most importantly, though, please remember that you are not alone. 1 in 8 couples (12% of married women) struggle with infertility. That’s a lot of people. Find your person; find your tribe. There is help, there is support, and there is a community.

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