Evol Gazzarato

Evol is a twin mom and Food & Nutrition Director for a local school district. She has a love for reading, clean living, writing, history, barre + dance, gardening, Disney, Christmas, and supporting causes she's passionate about. You can find her at www.multi-passionmama.com or on Instagram @multipassionmama

Celebrating Pride: An Open Letter to My Son

This month we celebrate Pride, a time for bringing awareness and love to those who do not fit gender norms. This month we celebrate you. We call you our sparkle boy. Not solely because you...

Infertility Through the Lens of PCOS and Endometriosis

About five months after we were married, my husband and I decided to start trying for a baby. I was still finishing my second degree, but we knew it most likely wouldn't happen right...

8 Ideas to Propel Self-Improvement Month

September is Self-Improvement Month, and I think the timing couldn’t be more perfect. With the kiddos off to school and the long summer days nothing but a memory, we have more time to focus...
Woman in mask standing in front of school bus

School Decisions in the Age of COVID: An Administrator’s Perspective

For eight months now, I have sat on Zoom calls, in socially-distanced, masked meetings, and been in constant conversation all around the same topic...what do we do now and what do we do next? I...

Shelby Township: Detroit Moms’ Favorite Metro Area Cities

Nestled between the shining lights and hustle of the city to the south and the plentiful orchards and farm land to the north is Shelby Township, a place I have called home for eight...

What I Learned Through Genetic Testing and Why it’s Important

You've probably heard about the genetic testing commonly called BRCA testing, which tells a woman if she's at risk for breast or ovarian cancer. Female icons such as Angelina Jolie have discovered heightened risk...

Clean Living for Busy Families: Five Tips for a Fresh New Year

After a long holiday season, by the time the clock strikes midnight on the New Years Eve, we are ready to make a change. If you're anything like me, that means purging the house,...

6 Tips to Win at Holiday Party Planning

'Tis the season for festive parties and family gatherings. Perhaps you are a hostess goddess or maybe the thought of feeding and entertaining more than your family gives you hives. Either way, here is...

Life as a Libra

I'm not one of those who puts all of their beliefs in the horoscope basket, but I do believe there is something to be said about our signs. I'm a Libra whose birthday falls...

Clean Living for Busy Families (Part One)

After one my recent posts (I'm a Crunchy Mom Who Cares What My Kids Eat), I received a plethora of responses and messages requesting information and guidance around how a busy mom can actually...