Metro Detroit Summer Activities from A to Z

The weather’s warm, school’s out for the summer, and your kids are home and bored. If you don’t feel like being an entertainment director all summer, look no further! Our team put together a list of Metro Detroit summer activities from A to Z that are sure to keep you busy all summer long.

We wanted to make this as fun and easy for you as possible, so you’ll find all of our Metro Detroit summer activities in the list below. At the bottom of this post, you’ll also find a convenient printable with all of the main activities from A to Z. Print the list, get a pencil or marker, and get to work! You can choose one activity per day, a few per week, or choose a letter out of a hat to decide!

metro detroit summer activities

Whatever you choose to do, remember to have FUN and share with us on social media! We can’t wait to see all the fun things you do this summer!

Metro Detroit Summer Activities from A to Z: Summer Bucket List

A: Aquarium at Belle Isle | Detroit

Check out the aquarium at Belle Isle. It’s been open since 1904 and is FULL of history. And, it was recently renovated! Snap a selfie with your favorite fish while you’re there!

Bonus: Check out the Ann Arbor Art Fair taking place July 20th through the 22nd. Stop by Zingerman’s on your way home for a sweet treat.

B: Booth Park | Birmingham

Located in Birmingham, Booth Park is home to a playscape and turf hill. Bring a blanket and picnic lunch to enjoy after playing. Or, stop in to the Dairy Mat for a cold mid-day dessert.

C: Cook’s Farm Dairy | Ortonville

I first visited Cook’s two years ago with my daughters and they LOVED it. Plan to pet the baby cows and then enjoy some of their delicious ice cream under the covered pavilion (or on a blanket on the grass, if it’s not too sunny out!).

Bonus: Stop in to Cooking with Que and pickup a tasty meal for lunch or dinner.

D: Detroit Abloom | Detroit

A wellness garden, cut flower farm, and native plants–plan to spend most of your day surrounded by beautiful nature. Plan to check out the butterfly nursery, too!

Bonus: Stop in to Detroit vs. Everybody in Eastern Market to pick up some new shirts for the whole family, then walk the Dequindre Cut and pose for some family photos in your new outfits.

E: Eminem’s pop-up: Mom’s Spaghetti | Detroit

Bring your appetite and get in line for dinner!

Bonus: Stop by Eastern Market’s Saturday Market first for some beautiful fresh flowers, then go grab dinner.

F: Funland at Blake’s | Armada

Funland just opened up again for the season last month. Make sure to go on the goat walk, and then play in the giant tire sandbox!

Bonus: Spend a rainy day at Fascination Factory in Birmingham. They’re open Wednesday through Saturday for tons of fun, with a focus on educating, entertaining, and enriching!

G: Greenfield Village | Dearborn

Check out the glassblowing in the glass shop, and then take the time to enjoy a walk on the grounds.

Bonus: Stock up on sweets from Good Cakes and Bakes!

H: Hines Park Trail | Connecting Dearborn + Northville

If you’re planning for a full day of fun, plan to walk or bike the trail before/after visiting Greenfiled Village.

Bonus: Head out for some lunchtime ice cream at Huddle Soft Serve in Detroit.

I: Innovation Hills | Rochester Hills

This is a relatively new park. It definitely gets busy, so plan to get there early. Bring cardboard so your kids can slide down the turf hills in style! And bring a lunch to enjoy under the shelter. And, maybe some extra clothes if your kids decide to play in the water feature!

Bonus: Stop in to Ima Noodles for a bite to eat!

J: Joe Louis Monument | Detroit

Drive downtown for the perfect photo ops–including the iconic arm and fist. Make sure to read the tribute to Joe Louis that is inscribed on the arm.

Bonus: After taking photos at the monument, head over to Joe Louis Southern Kitchen for lunch.

K: Kensington Metropark | Milford

Start at the beach, then head to the splash pad. When everyone is too tired and way too hot, find a shady spot and enjoy a picnic lunch or afternoon snack.

L: Lily Pad Springs | West Bloomfield

The largest splash pad in Michigan! Lily Pad Springs is ADA and universally accessible. They’ll have twilight sessions through August 8th with a food truck, so plan to play and then grab dinner before heading home. And, their sensory-friendly sessions are on Mondays at 11:00 a.m. through August 7th.

M: Monroe Street Midway | Detroit

Bring your roller skates to have some fun in the outdoor roller skating rink. Then, play some mini-golf before finally grabbing a bite to eat at one of many vendors!

Bonus: Marshbank Music takes place in July and August, so plan for a fun family evening enjoying some great music.

Bonus #2: Maybury Farm in Northville has so many fun options–shop for some Michigan-made items in the General Store and then check out the chickens and goats.

N: Nature Center Hop | Various Locations

Pick a rainy day, put on some rain boots, and make your way to as many nature centers as you can. Some have outdoor walking trails, and others let you get up close and personal with the animals.

Bonus: Fuel your nature center hop with a fresh coffee from The Narrow Way Cafe!

O: Outdoor Adventure Center | Detroit

Start at the Fire Circle, then head to the Overnight Lodging exhibit. Walk along the Pine Forest and Trails and end at the Underwater Michigan exhibit!

P: Paddleboarding at Stoney Creek Metropark | Shelby Township

Stop by Eastwood Beach for some paddleboarding and water fun!

Q: Qahwah House | Dearborn

Stop in for the best spiced Yemeni Adani tea and purchase some coffee beans to take home.

R: Romeo Lavendar Farm | Romeo

Lavendar, sunflowers, wildflowers . . . need I say more?! Bring your scissors and have each person in your family cut some lavendar to take home. Make sure your phone is fully charged to snap some informal family pics while you’re there! (Closed on Mondays)

S: Spirit of Detroit Statue | Detroit

After stopping by the Joe Louis monument, make this your second stop for another family photo op!

Bonus: Stop in to Supino Pizzeria (at their New Center location, since their Eastern Market location is currently closed) for a bite to eat after taking photos. Grab some pizza by the slice and walk around town while you eat.

Bonus #2: Make a rainy day reservation for play at Stemville in Northville. Or, head to the movies for AMC Sensory Friendly Films (on the second and fourth Saturday + Wednesday of each month).

T: Tiger’s Game | Detroit

Let your kids ride the ferris wheel and the carousel, then enjoy fresh squeezed lemonade from the Big Cat Food Court. Oh, and watch a baseball game!

Bonus: Head over to Troy Gym on a rainy day!

U: Urban Air Adventure Park | Various Locations

This will be perfect for a rainy day. Have your kids start on a ropes course, then head to the tubes playground. Last but not least, check out the warrior course.

V: Valade Park | Detroit

Bring some food to grill on the community grills, and then give the kids some time to play on the play scapes. Make sure to check out Bob’s Barge and The Shed Bar for refreshments!

W: Woodward Avenue

Hop in the car, roll the windows down, and cruise Woodward on a Friday or Saturday night after dinner. Stop at Custard and Company and get some ice cream, or go to the zoo before your Woodward cruise.

X: X-Golf | Various Locations

Spend an afternoon playing golf without going to the golf course. Stay for a bite to eat after!

Y: Yates Cider Mill | Rochester Hills

Honestly, Yates could take up multiple days this summer. There are so many fun things to do! Walk the trails, then stop and see the farm animals. Grab some ice cream and walk near the river. Stop in to the bake shop, and then make time for some pony rides. But every time you go–get donuts and cider!

Bonus: Grab dinner from Yum Village in Detroit!

Z: Z Lot Rooftop | Detroit

The final stop for photo ops in the city–the Z Lot rooftop! Dress in coordinating outfits (or don’t!) and smile for some fun, festive pictures with our beautiful city in the background.

Click on the image below to open it in a large window, save it, and print it off!

For more Metro Detroit activities for summer, check out our list of the best local hiking trails!


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