Face Mask Roundup: Detroit-Made Options, Reviews, and Information

Who would have ever predicted that the hottest back-to-school fashion accessory for 2020 would be a face mask? Certainly not me. As we face the inevitable need to stock up on masks, our team has compiled some of our favorites as well as some really great locally-made options. Whether you’re seeking fashion, function, or a little of both, there are lots of choices here for the whole family.


Photo via DCreated Boutique

DCreated Boutique, $15-$17 | Locally handmade masks available in kids’ and adult sizes in a variety of patterns. Made with two layers of 100% cotton and a non-woven filter layer sandwiched in between for extra protection.


Photo via Detroit Institute of the Arts

Detroit Institute of the Arts, $24.95 | If you’re an art lover, you will love the variety of masks offered from the DIA—printed with images from VanGogh to Rivera. This face mask has adjustable ear loops and filter pockets with filters available to purchase separately.


Photo via Detroit Sewn

Detroit Sewn, $35 for a five-pack | Detroit Sewn is an FDA-registered facility manufacturing face masks and other PPE for the medical community. They offer a variety of styles including pleated, center seam, reversible, custom branded, and see-through masks, with special order options for elastic ear straps, twill ties, and adjustable with cord locks.


Photo via DIOP

DIOP, $15 | Made in Detroit, these face masks come in an array of bold colors and prints that stem from the creator’s West African family roots. A portion of mask sales are donated to Feed the Frontlines in Detroit, which supports both restaurants and frontline workers. As of the publish date of this article, DIOP has donated nearly $85,000 back to the Detroit community. I especially loved reading designer Mapate Diop’s story and explanation as to Who Can Wear This? I have found myself returning to the website many times to read the community stories they share. The face mask itself is high quality, beautiful print, and I really like the dual head straps that give my ears a break. —Jessica Lukenbill


Photo via Inkpressions

Inkpressions, $5.95-$17.95 | Based in Commerce Township, Inkpressions offers custom branded apparel and is also now making face masks. Masks include a filter pocket and come in basic cloth, patterns, custom branded, and hard of hearing options. For every mask sold, Inkpressions donates one mask to the Michigan Behavioral Collaborative.


Photo via MaskClub.com

MaskClub.com, $13.99 | This Madison Heights business was formed specifically for the current times. They offer a wide variety of adult and kids’ face masks in different patterns and many favorite character prints. For every face mask purchased, MaskClub donates one to first responders, with 250,000 masks donated to date.


Photo via Melon Caps

Melon Caps, $8 | If you are interested in supporting a local mom, Melany Candiloro started her crochet and sewing business in 2012 and is now making masks to fit the whole family. She uses 100% cotton and locally bought materials. Mask options are available on her Facebook page. Simply send your order via Facebook Messenger and she will send an invoice via email or Paypal. Masks are $8 and $3 to ship. You can also pick up if you are local to her in Ortonville. Turn around time is 3 to 5 days. —Molly Nagelli




Photo via amazon.com

Basic kids’ masks with vent, $16.99 for a four-pack | I like that these have a vent and adjustable ear straps. My kids had fun using fabric markers to color their own designs on a white face mask. White masks are a great thing to keep on hand for a rainy day activity! —Jessica Lukenbill



Photo via amazon.com

Disposable masks, $25 for a 50-pack | These are comfortable and easy to breathe in. I twist the ear straps once to make fit a bit more snug. I prefer these compared to the cloth, especially on the hotter days. The nose piece on this face mask is slightly bendable. Fits well for men and women. —Alyssa Tangney



Photo via FIGS

FIGS, $12 | Hands-down my favorite, which is no surprise because I am in my FIGS scrubs almost every day. The fabric is so soft and the inner lining feels like an old t-shirt (meant in the best way possible). I also love the high contrast ear loops for a fun pop of color. They have a bendable nose wire for closer fit and include 3 replaceable filter inserts for further protection. The M/L size is what I wear over my N95 but I also wear it out on its own and it is still comfortable. The only downside to these is that they tend to sell out, but they are worth jumping on the waitlist for. —Jess Firman



Photo via Home Depot

Firm Grip basic masks from Home Depot, $13.98 for a five-pack | I grabbed these on a trip to Home Depot just to tuck into each of our vehicles incase needed. With the white cotton fabric, it does feel a bit like you’re wearing men’s tighty whities on your face, I will not lie. But, these have gotten used a lot because between laundry and just plain forgetfulness, I have found myself without a regular mask in the car a few times. The size is definitely geared toward men as they are quite large, but the ear straps can be tied. —Jessica Lukenbill



Photo via Mission Cooling

Mission Cooling Neck Gaiter, Adult $19.99/Youth $14.99 | My husband wanted a gaiter-style covering, so I succumbed to a Facebook ad for Mission Cooling and I am pleased to say he loves it. The fabric is mostly polyester, which means it is lightweight, soft, and comfortable. They come in a variety of solid colors and patterns. What’s “cool” about these is you can get them wet and activate the cooling technology, so especially when worn for long periods of time, it helps to not feel so claustrophobic under a mask. —Jessica Lukenbill



Photo via Natural Life

Natural Life Boho Bandeau, $13 | My kids love their homemade masks, but for situations when we might be putting the mask on and taking it back off a lot, we all love gaiter-style masks. They are super handy to keep around your neck like a turtleneck, and pull up as needed. My daughter actually had a couple of this brand already and spent last summer wearing them as crop tops around the house. You can also use these as headbands or scarfs, so the investment at least has other purposes. —Jessica Lukenbill



Photo via Onzie

Onzie, $24 for a two-pack | This is the one I reach for the least at work, but a decent amount at home. Onzie is a company that makes yoga apparel and they have upcycled their fabric into stretchy, breathable masks. I don’t love them for a work day because they are a little tight over a N95 mask and their shiny fabrics remind me of panties, especially since one of mine is a leopard print. I can see where these would be great for exercising in since they are so light and quick drying. Same with the Rothy’s, I machine wash and dry mine and they are holding up well. I also love that they donate the proceeds to frontline workers through a donation to the Center For Disaster Philanthropy. —Jess Firman



Photo via Rothy’s

Rothy’s, $25 for a two-pack | I love Rothy’s shoes for their sustainability and they took the same rPET thread from recycled water bottles that they use in their shoes to make 3D printed masks. These are well made and structured. They fit a little large so they fit my N95 mask well, but they are also my husband’s favorite because of the sizing. The best part about these is the soft fabric along the inside of the nose piece for long wear. Machine washable, air dry (but I throw mine in the dryer and they turn out fine) and available in a two pack of a deep pink and blue. —Jess Firman



Photo via Target

Universal Thread fabric masks from Target, $4 for a two-pack | These basic masks get the job done. They’re 100% cotton and very breathable. The ear loops are barely noticeable while wearing. I ordered the small/medium option and it ran mostly true to size for a petite person. All in all, I appreciate the cost the most. $4 for two masks that are basic and comfortable is great. They wash well and if I happen to lose one, I won’t be heart broken. —Sabrina French


What kind of face mask are you loving right now? We’d love to hear more options!



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