Going Gluten-Free (GF) in Metro Detroit!


Going Gluten-Free in Detroit is not always easy. No GF menu? No problem! 

Gluten-FreeThe Truth About Dining Out GF
It’s Saturday night, I am getting ready for date night. All I am thinking about is “where and what am I going to eat tonight? What restaurants are gluten-free (GF) friendly? Is the waiter going to know what I am talking about if I ask questions? Will my hubby be quietly wishing I would stop asking so many questions? HA! Yes, of course, he would, but he knows better. I am going to GRILL the poor waiter. Not that I want to, but for the sake of a tummy ache, the questions will pour out.

Be your best Advocate: What to Ask When Dining Out
What to ask? The simplest way to remember is that gluten is found in wheat, barley, and rye. Gluten can hide in many sauces too, asking questions is key. How is this sauce thickened? Is this fried in a GF oil or are all foods used in the same fryer?  Does the breading on this chicken contain gluten? Can this dish be made without using gluten? 

If you have a true allergy, this is for you. I have a sensitivity. My body can handle gluten in very small amounts. Individuals living with Celiac, a disease in which the only treatment is avoiding gluten. This is something you want to inform the waiter of, some will ask if its an allergy or preference.  You may ask to see specific packaging too. Try to be your own advocate! Check the menu BEFORE hand. This can help you decide or get an idea of you to have rather than making a quick choice. It has got to be worth it!

Do Your Research
Living with this lifestyle is not always easy but researching and finding great local restaurants makes going out to eat much more enjoyable.

Yelp can indicate which restaurants offer g GF options. From there I check their menus and have a pretty good idea of what I plan to eat before going.

Open Table: I LOVE it, because I am a planner by nature, and who doesn’t love a reservation?! I sure do! 


For breakfast, I love Coco Fairfield’s. It’s a hometown favorite in Berkley, they offer GF toast, pancakes, waffles, and homemade jams. I love their California omelet, no cheese for me but with a side of grilled tomatoes and some GF bread with jam. 

For a quick and healthy lunch, my go-to is Kouzina in downtown Royal Oak. Customers can control their portions, load up on fresh veggies and get a gluten-free pita. Although rice is GF, I chose to have it sparingly so I go with a spinach/lettuce bottom, topped with chicken and a run of the garden! I may get some GF pita and for those busy days or nights, they deliver!

Cork is just a super cool, a hidden gem in Pleasent Ridge. The menu specifies what is GF, and vegetarian. They serve sustainable, free-range meat, poultry and fish. I usually will go with their featured fish, a bunless burger or a few vegetarian options to share. Cork offers a wonderful happy hour on Monday and Tuesday all day. Almost everything is so, so good! 

Most recently I visited Sedona Taphouse. If you have not visited they have a fun and modern ambiance. A roof-top area which is first come, first serve. They offered a large menu with a variety of GF options. It was our first time and the waitress gave some tasty recommendation like the spicy shrimp dish and some crab cakes. A home run!  To think that crab cakes could be made GF? Win-Win!

Greenspace Cafe is an incredible place. They offer a delicious vegan menu as well as GF options. I love veggie burgers and their whole roasted cauliflower is awesome. If you love cheese and are dairy free their cheese is the real deal for vegans. You will just have to give it a shot! 

Offering an extensive menu with many gluten-free options, this Royal Oak hot spot is a must try! Check out their menu today.

Although not GF per se, Hudson Cafe offers some amazing food options. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist with any ordering preferences you may have!

Check out these other amazing options in + around Detroit!

Selden Standard
Food and craft cocktails for every season. A must try!

Inn Season Cafe
An organic vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Michigan since 1981. They strive to present our customers with skillfully prepared dishes using the freshest organic, seasonal, and locally grown ingredients.

Vinsetta Garage
Located in Berkley, Vinsetta Garage has an extensive gluten-free menu!

Sugar Kisses Bakery
Sugar Kisses is primarily a gluten-free pastry shop. Everything is baked on-site from scratch, using the freshest ingredients. They are able to suit other many other dietary restrictions, as well. 

I’ve highlighted my favorite breakfast spot, and some great places to grab lunch and dessert locally. The one meal I dine out mostly is for dinner, and you can run the risk of cross-contamination. Use your best judgment!

Overall, I give the most love to some local joints that,  in my opinion, have taken the extra step to ensure a GF dining experience!

Are you GF? Share your favorite local spots with us!


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