How to Celebrate National Book Lovers Day!


Did you know that there is a National Book Lovers Day on August 9th of each year? As an avid book reader and self-proclaimed book junkie, I couldn’t believe there was a day dedicated to the love of reading books.

Whoever created National Book Lovers Day, I want to thank you. What a lovely reason to shut all my electronics down and cuddle up on the sofa with a good book. If you’re a book lover like me, reading is almost a spiritual experience; the ability to get lost in a great story or learn something new is addictive for me.  

Growing up I was an only child for the first ten years of my life. My mom and dad worked, and I was often left alone to figure things out. I discovered early that going outside was not my thing–it was a sensory nightmare for me.

Each summer my mother would choose a book series for me to read and each day I was to write a report of what I learned. To most kids that would’ve been torture, but to me, it was heaven. You mean, I get to read a book, and you want me to tell you about it? Sign me up!

national book lovers day 2022This love of reading has been my safe haven throughout my life. Books have taken me on adventures, helped me to not feel alone, and helped me to learn more about myself. So, let’s learn more about National Book Lovers Day and how you can celebrate it.

What is National Book Lovers Day, anyway?

When I heard about this awesome holiday, I had to do a “Google-search.” I wanted to see if it was real and what it was all about. In all my research, there seems to be no one person or organization that takes responsibility for the creation or celebration of National Book Lovers Day. 

But, National Book Lovers Day was created to give bibliophiles and all others the opportunity to disconnect from tech and to connect or reconnect with a good book.

What are some things you can do on National Book Lovers Day?

Here are a few things you can do on National Book Lovers Day:

  • Visit your local library or favorite bookstore: These are the best places to find a new read or reconnect with an old one. Plus, the people that work there always have awesome recommendations, and being in the company of other bibliophiles rocks.
  • Start a book club: Book clubs are a fab way to read a book. They allow you to enjoy the journey with others and see the book in a new light. So, pick a book and call some friends to take a literary journey together.
  • Donate old books: Do you have books that you know would help someone else? Whether it’s a self-help book or a romance novel, gifting a book you’ve already enjoyed always feels good.
  • Share those extra Audible credits: If you’re like me, you accumulate Audible credits faster than you can get through your reads. Gift some of your favorite reads with your Audible credits to a friend. Trust me, they will love you for it.
  • Try a new genre: If you are a romance novel type of girl, dig into the world of murder mystery. Use this day to break outside of your literary comfort zone. Try something new, because that’s what reading is all about anyway.

How will you celebrate National Book Lovers Day?

How you celebrate National Book Lovers Day is up to you. Whether you love bound books or you are an audiobook lover, today I want to invite you to pick up a book and read. To make it more fun, include your kids in on the fun and make it a family affair by choosing a book of the day or giving everyone a chance to read something fun. This is a day when you can let your imagination run wild and think outside the box, because that’s what books are all about anyway.

So today, I want to invite you to grab your favorite book, chair, and beverage, and go get lost in a book. In the comments below, share what you’re reading. I can’t wait to grab some new recommendations myself.

Happy Reading!


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