Home Workouts: How to Peloton Bike on a Budget


Home workouts are hotter than ever since COVID-19 has left gym doors shuttered and Americans quarantined. While you might be tempted to plunk down $2200 and budget $39 a month for a Peloton bike, I am here to tell you, there is another way. 

I have been a user of the Peloton platform since 2017, after welcoming my first son. Having a new baby, busy work schedule, and husband who worked long hours made getting to the gym for a class nearly impossible. I’ve figured out how to Peloton bike on a budget and it’s worth every penny.  

Bikes at Any Budget

Want a high quality piece of fitness equipment that will allow you to ride with Peloton, Zwift, Netflix, or just to the beat of your own music? There are so many options for bikes with integrated metrics (cadence, resistance, distance) which make the Peloton app experience feel like a studio spin class in your own home. Aside from purchasing directly from the manufacturer, you can scour Marketplace, Craigslist, third party fitness websites, or local gyms that may be closing or rotating inventory. Below are some great bike options at a few different price points.  



Rock solid and beautiful to look at, the M3i has a Bluetooth-enabled computer that sends your metrics directly to an app. Designed and shipped from California, Keiser includes a media tray, stretch pads, and Polar heart rate monitor with every order. Shipping is free and they offer a military discount as well as financing options. Purchase from Keiser for $1995.


If you have taken a spin class at a local studio, chances are you have met a Schwinn spin bike. Their IC4 bike comes with Bluetooth connectivity to enjoy apps such as Peloton, Explore the World, and Zwift (separate subscriptions required), a full color LCD metric display with USB charging port, and three-pound hand weights. Schwinn is currently offering free shipping within the continental U.S. The IC4 will cost you $799. The company also offers the IC3 ($499) and IC2 ($299), however, connectivity and accessories vary with the lower cost models. Purchase from Schwinn for $799.

Sunny B1001

Sunny is a popular choice for those on a tight budget or those looking to dip their toes into indoor cycling. Available on Amazon, their entry level bike starts at $201.20 with free delivery (thank you Prime!) The Sunny B1001 offers a 30-pound chrome flywheel and adjustable pad resistance. This bike will not come with a way to measure cadence or resistance so if following along to instructor cues is important to you, you may want to purchase a Wahoo cadence monitor for $40 to ensure you are riding to the beat!

So about that app?

The options above don’t come with an integrated screen so the most important accessory to your adventure will be a device that will support the app. Peloton is available on iPad, Android, and Fire tablets. They offer streaming on FireTV, Android TV compatibility, and can also be accessed via desktop or laptop computer. At the time of this article, the app cost is $12.99 a month. 

It’s more than just cycling.

As the years have passed, the content library offered by Peloton has exploded. In addition to cycling classes, they offer strength training, yoga, stretching, meditation, bootcamp type classes, treadmill classes, and outdoor run/walks. 

The success of Peloton goes further than a bike and a few instructors. It offers a sense of community that previously wasn’t there with at-home workouts. The coaches are accessible and engaging on social media and there are Facebook groups for just about anything you could imagine: parenting, careers, weight loss, pets, challenges, and fan pages to name a few. 

The Peloton app is available for a 30-day trial of their entire content library. It is a great way to test out what they have to offer and maybe spur you to purchase a bike of your own. Sign up, log in, and get your sweat on!

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