Introducing Julia Dillon…a Grosse Pointe Mom


Hi, moms! My name is Julia, and I live in Grosse Pointe. I grew up in Troy, went to college in Virginia, and then came back to Michigan. I love it here!  

My husband and I met online in 2010. We knew from the beginning that we were a perfect match; in fact, he says that on date #3 he had a feeling that we would end up together. We have two wonderful children: Charlie (3) and Claire (1). We have a very tight family, and we love hanging out together. 

When I was growing up, my parents had a cabin in northern Michigan. My memories of summer are going “Up North” every weekend. We’d listen to Ernie Harwell call the Tigers’ games on our drive up on Friday night, and then my sister and I would play all weekend in the water and on the boat. I still love going there now, and it’s fun to see my kids experience it, too. I’m a little rusty water skiing, but I love it, so I still do it. Charlie enjoys making sand castles, and Claire likes smashing them. After a long day of fun in the sun, I cherish our time grilling and drinking on the deck while looking at the water. 

When I was a senior in high school, I was voted “Girl Jock.” I have always loved sports, and I probably always will. In my adult life, I started playing tennis, and it’s a stress reliever and social outlet for me. I treasure my time on the court, and I hope that I continue to improve my skills. My husband is a huge Notre Dame football fan (now I am, too!), so we plan our Saturdays in the fall based on when they are playing. I love seeing Charlie in a football jersey, and Claire in a cheerleading jersey on game days. So cute! 

I went to the University of Virginia for college (go Hoos!), and I love all things UVA. Luckily my kids have followed in my footsteps, and Charlie asked to have a UVA basketball-themed birthday party this year. The basketball team won the National Championship in April (I almost had a heart attack in about four of their games during the tournament), and my son LOVES the team. He thinks that all of the guys on the team are his buddies. I also like looking at Tony Bennett, the coach (yes, you need to Google him).  

Getting exercise has always been important to me. After my kids were born, I would go for hour-long walks every day. It was good for me both mentally and physically in the weeks after giving birth. And the kids loved it, too. Our family likes to stay active: we play games in the backyard, park, or the basement if it’s bad weather. It can be difficult to get in regular workouts, but I need to exercise; otherwise, I’ll be in a grumpy mood. Therefore, I set my alarm for 5:06 a.m., and I do home workouts, so I can finish them before the kids wake up. I’m a morning person, so this is the perfect schedule for me. 

Cooking and eating well have also been a huge part of my life. My mom and sister are dietitians, so we are always talking about food. Luckily my kids are adventurous eaters (well, most of the time, anyway), and we try all sorts of new foods and recipes. Charlie loves going to Trader Joe’s, and we usually get a few laughs when he yells, “Can we get some baba ganoush, Mommy?!?”

What else would you like to know about me? 
Ask away. 


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