Being a Gentleman Will Never Go Out of Style


Dear World,

Let me preface this by saying that I’m not an expert on parenting, nor do I have all the answers. I just simply want the world to be a better place. In an effort to do so, I promise you today that I will do my very best to raise respectable young men. 

A few months ago, I officially became a #boymom. My three year old was thrilled to learn that he had a new little brother that would be his best buddy for life. My husband was excited to learn that he had another built-in golf partner. And I quickly realized that my life would forever be filled with Matchbox cars, superheroes, and poop jokes. There are so many other fun things about being a #boymom: knowing that you’ll always be the apple of his eye, cheering him on as he learns to play baseball and the mother/son bond that no one can replicate.

With all of those amazing feelings also comes great pressure to make sure I raise someone that I’m proud of in five, 10, or even 25 years. It’s easy to take a step back from parenting these days with technology replacing interaction, and the oversharing of what some people consider “news” from the latest celebrity, whom, by the way, isn’t the best role model, cashing in on their 15 minutes of fame. 

I digress . . .

I’m here today to take responsibility for the men my sons will become. Without my guidance, how will they learn right from wrong? That laundry should be separated into lights and darks? That women should be paid as much as men because they are qualified and hard-working, too?

Today I promise you that:

My sons will treat others, especially females, with kindness and respect, and they will have compassion. They will understand that the only way to make the generations that follow them better than theirs, is to treat everyone as equals. That no one person is more valued than another. They will say “please” and “thank you,” and attempt to put themselves in others’ shoes when faced with difficult decisions. They will learn that the choices they make will impact their future, and understand that they are not the most important person in the world. They will lead with their kind hearts and look out for those they love most. 

My sons will understand how to perform household chores and will not rely on a woman to do it for them. They will learn to clean the dishes and empty the dishwasher. Their beds will be made every morning before school and will know how to properly scrub a toilet. They will learn to appreciate a clean home and work to leave the places they stay better than when they entered. Their cooking skills will be better than basic and will understand there are more delicious things in life than a frozen pizza or macaroni and cheese. They will help clear the table at Thanksgiving before getting back to watching the Lions game, and they will carry this knowledge with them when they’re guests in other people’s homes.

My sons will value family gatherings and understand the importance of spending time with loved ones. They will turn off electronics at dinner and carry on a conversation about how their day was and what they learned at school. Technology will be used to keep up with family and friends that live far away. They’ll understand that sometimes you have to turn down an outing with friends in order to attend a not-so-fun family birthday party knowing that in the end, being surrounded by those you love most is what really matters. 

My sons will be charitable. They will recognize that sometimes the best thing you can give to someone is your time. They’ll help those in need and appreciate the things they have. They’ll surround themselves with like-minded people and work to make the world a happier, safer, and more caring place.

While I recognize that some of these promises may get broken from time to time, we will work to see that we rebuild stronger and learn from our mistakes. As a family, we’ll understand that every day may not be great, but we will seek to find something great in every day.

With hope & love,


  1. Aubrey, I read this while getting an infusion! You are a wonderful writer and an outstanding Mom!! Your folks must be very proud and your hubby even prouder!
    Barb Berberet


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