Detroit Mom Welcomes Bobbie, a Waterford Mom


Hey friends!

((Which I guess we aren’t supposed to say anymore in the social media world, but I consider myself a rebel without a cause))

Hi, I’m Bobbie.

A Little About Me

I was born and raised in Minnesota, the state that prides itself as the “Land of 10,000 lakes”, Purple Pride, and Purple Rain for any Prince fans out there. Growing up in Minnesota means I was raised on Vikings football, lefsa, casserole dishes at every family get-together, and long goodbyes because we are all too Minnesota Nice to be the first to leave. I joined the Army at the age of 18 and was active military for four years. This journey led me to meeting my husband. After having our son, we desired living by family, which led us to Michigan – my husband’s home state. While I am still proud of my Minnesota roots, I am now a Michigan transplant and love this state I now call home. There are some unique dynamics to being a Michigan transplant. I’ll share my thoughts in an upcoming post. 😉


I enjoy exploring new places, restaurants, shops, parks, and landmarks. I’m the person that enjoys the sites along the way on a road trip and the weirder the better (Prada Museum in Marfa, TX – google it). I love the feeling of exploring something new. It makes for wonderful pictures but even better, wonderful stories.

I also enjoy all things self-care – yoga, massages, facials, hair and nails, pedicures, meditation, self help books, podcasts, reading, nature, hikes, biking, journaling, therapy, lunch with friends, and time alone. At one time, I neglected self-care completely. After many months and years of doing that, the costs to my mental, emotional, and physical state was huge. I will share more about that another time. Now, self-care is a huge priority for me.

Motherhood and Career

A little bit more about me; I have two kiddos –  an eight-year-old son and a three-year-old daughter. Like every mom, my children give me life and also increase my need for self-care.

My 9-5 is being a director at a non-profit child welfare agency. Foster care, adoption, and social services are a huge passion of mine. I also believe in multiple streams of income. I want to help people break the societal norms that we were all taught growing up. We are no longer living in cookie cutter times.

My Goal With Detroit Mom

I am looking forward to sharing thoughts on self care, mental health and reducing stigmas, fun things to see and do around Metro Detroit, and normalizing the ups and downs of motherhood. I also am truly looking for connection with other moms. Motherhood is so dynamic and beautiful but also can be lonely and overwhelming. As I have navigated motherhood while feeling alone and battling mental health issues, I never want another mother to feel like she is the only one struggling to get through each day.

Looking forward to connecting! 

🙂 Bobbie


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