Detroit Mom Welcomes Melissa, a Harrison Township Mom


Hi! I’m Melissa Wolford, and I’m a Detroit Mom and a full-time working mom. Or to be a little more precise… a Harrison Township Mom. Details matter to me.

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Professionally, this working mom is a people leader for a large pharmaceutical company, overseeing a team of ten amazing individuals across two states. I have my MBA from Ross at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and I get excited about telling stories that matter, navigating change, and helping my colleagues be their best and happiest selves at work. I enjoy sales leadership and I love ultimately helping patients. After 17 years at the same company, I’m still passionate about what I do.


But I also love to play. Boating, travelling, hiking, and quietly working on my blog… these things fill my bucket. I love decorating and putting together cute outfits, but oddly enough, I hate shopping. I’ll surf Instagram for hours, but I barely know how to turn on our TV. I love to document the everyday details of life, but I feel too shy to share sometimes. I’m obsessed with planners, lists, goal setting, and time management, but I often get overwhelmed by how many things I want to do as a working mom and how little time there is to do them. There are so many fun things I want to fill my life with, but it’s hard to choose what to focus on.


That said, deciding what comes first is easy – my family. I love being a working mom… even though I wasn’t always sure it would be my thing. My husband Don and I started dating in 1998 and got married in 2010 but didn’t have kids until 2015! (There were so many other exciting things to do… what can I say?!?) Our first daughter (B) was followed by another beautiful girl (W) in 2017. Then came a lot of praying and trying and trying and praying before our little man (R), arrived in April 2021. After all that procrastinating, I found I truly loved being pregnant and having babies, and I would probably have ten more if I could…but we think our family is now complete.

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I was born and raised in Harrison Township and came right back after college because I love being near the water. That’s the best part about Metro Detroit – the proximity of everything. You can be in the city or the suburbs mixing and mingling and then turn around and immerse yourself in nature without a lot of driving or effort. I love a boat trip from Beacon Cove Marina, pizza at Luigi’s Original, hiking at Stoney Creek, and football games at Michigan Stadium. I enjoy celebratory date nights at Prime & Proper as much as girls’ brunch at Pop’s for Italian. The fun is in the little details.

Details are what I’m excited to share with all the beautiful Detroit Mom readers! Details about loving your career while making time for fun and family. Details about being a new mom again after 40. Details about how exactly working moms can make it all blend together a little more joyfully. Details about traveling for your job and sharing responsibilities with a stay-at-home dad. Details about finding happiness in the chaos of a too-full life and making progress instead of worrying about perfection.

I can’t wait to learn more of YOUR details, too! Let’s be friends. Follow me on Insta or check out my personal blog at


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