How do I Compliment My Mirror?


As I sit here typing this post out I am currently 2 weeks post-partum. Today also happens to be international compliment your mirror day. If you have ever been two weeks out from having a baby yourself, you would know that me telling you to give a compliment to your mirror at this point is nothing short of laughable. Even if your pregnancy days are long behind you, why do we as women have such a hard time giving ourselves a little praise?

Lately it seems that most days I don’t even want to look in the mirror let alone compliment it. Skin is stretched where it used to be flat, dark circles have suddenly appeared, and the look of exhaustion on my face may be just what every high school sex ed class needs to see as a form of birth control.

But wait; if I look again in the mirror, there is something else there too. Maybe she can be worthy of praise and flattery? Maybe if I change the way I look at this reflection I can change my attitude too?

In honor of today being compliment your mirror day I challenge every woman to really look at herself and give one (or even all three) kinds of compliments each day:

  1. Physical Find at least one part of your body that you are happy with and give yourself props for why you love it. Maybe it is your strong arms from carrying your toddler around all day or how great your booty looks in workout pants. If your hair would make Kate Middleton jealous that counts too. I don’t think I know anyone, including fitness models, who are ever 100% happy with their bodies. But there is always something to be appreciative of.
  2. Mental Have you ever been through something so tough you didn’t think you had the strength to make it? But you did. And you are here today and stronger for it. Think about one of those events now and celebrate the power you may not have even known you had. Mine is surviving 18 hours of med free labor! Now that I have been through that it will give me a little boost next time I encounter something that seems to hard to handle.
  3. Emotional Taking care of your emotions and not getting burned out is just as important as treating your body like a temple. The term self care is used so much these days it can almost seem eye roll worthy, but it is necessary. Make sure to energize and give back to yourself regularly. Meditating, volunteering, cutting toxic people out of your life, random acts of kindness-whatever you need to do to feel fulfilled and not drained at the end of a long week.

Let’s make this July 3rd holiday something that continues throughout the year. Complimenting your mirror doesn’t have to be a chore or something that feels phony. Talk to yourself like you would one of your close girlfriends. We wouldn’t pick out her every flaw and say harsh things. We would be positive, encouraging, loving. You should be that way to yourself too. Give your mirror and your mind something to compliment!

How do I Compliment My Mirror?


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