Kelly lives in metro Detroit with two lively littles, her husband and an even more energetic mini schnauzer! She runs her own mental health counseling practice (Kelly Houseman Counseling) where she specializes in women's issues and all things pregnancy through parenting. When she is not helping her patients she can be found working out, traveling, blogging (Kelly's Reality) or chasing 90's boy bands around the country to attend their concerts.

This Year You Can Make an Impact. Here’s How.

Oh the new year. A chance to start over, to change your ways, to make resolutions you'll never keep. Not this year. A fresh start means a chance to really make an impact in...

Ways to Battle Those Winter Blues

With a long, Michigan winter ahead of us, it’s important to be ready to beat the winter blues when not if they pop up. Sure, there’s plenty of fun to be had in the snow, but...

Black Friday: Sales Shopping with a Side of Gratitude

For many families, the unofficial start to the holiday season begins the day after Halloween. We put away the spooky decorations and put up displays for Thanksgiving featuring turkeys, pumpkins, and “be thankful, be...

“I’m Sorry for Yelling, Honey”: How to Break the Cycle

Here is a list of times where it is appropriate to yell: Cheering on your fave team at a sporting event When riding a roller coaster A boy band concert Clawing your way through...

In Defense of a Spotless Home

Here is a “dirty” confession for you. If you come over to my house to visit, it is going to be spotless. There won’t be dishes in the sink, the counters will be clear,...

Me Versus the Smug: How to Stay Sane Around Patronizing People

I got schooled the other day on how to be a perfect parent. No, the advice didn’t come from a world-renowned child psychologist. Maybe I would have actually listened to it then? Nope, this particular...
Losing Toddler Weight Finding Self Love

How do I Compliment My Mirror?

As I sit here typing this post out I am currently 2 weeks post-partum. Today also happens to be international compliment your mirror day. If you have ever been two weeks out from having...

Five Ways Moms Can Improve Their Self-Esteem this Summer

It takes action to see results. Yet, most of the time, our needs as moms tend to fall to the wayside after the kids, our partners, cleaning the house, even the family dog! Moms’...

May the 4th Be with You: How Star Wars Makes My Marriage Stronger

I know how this sounds, but before you give me a hard time, Star Wars isn’t just for nerds anymore! Some readers will rake me over the coals for even implying a single negative...

How to Parent When Your Partner Works Crazy Hours

These days working a typical 9-5 seems anything, but typical. Many overworked and overtired moms don’t have the luxury of a partner who has a predicable or controllable workweek. My husband, like many, works...