Meditation for Moms


Some people refer to this time of year as “most wonderful.” Not me. Nope. This season is more stress on top of my regular stress. Do this, go here, keep that smile on your face. Keep a jolly attitude, too.

If you are overwhelmed by the to-do list, class parties, struggling to find the money to pay bills, it can all become way too much. Mama needs a break. But you can’t take a break because everything would fall apart if you do.

Guess what? There is a way to press the reset button. To refresh and still conquer it all. Meditation. Yes, you heard me: meditation.

You may roll your eyes or sigh at annoyance at this idea. Meditation is more than just a popular self-care trend though. Meditation has been around for thousands of years. It can have religious ties but often that depends on the individuals’ thoughts.

How moms can benefit

  • It lowers stress. Parenting is stressful; we all know that. Over time it helps to decrease stress levels, leaving you with a clear mind and sense of calm.
  • It decreases anxiety. There is a worry that comes with taking care of kids that never seems to leave. For some, that anxiety is genuine and forces us to parent out of fear. Meditation helps to regulate the fear center of your brain. It allows you to acknowledge your worries and breathe through them.
  • It helps with regulating emotions. How can we teach or support our children in learning to control their emotional ups and downs if ours are out of whack? Studies have shown that over time, meditation helps us to stay grounded and process our ups and downs before reacting.

Misconceptions of meditation

  • “You need to sit still for an hour, not thinking or moving.” Well, this is not wholly true. Thoughts will come and go, just like your breaths. If you feel the need to acknowledge them, do so. I usually keep my little journal handy for this.
  • “Meditation takes a ton of time.” An hour’s peace is not something most people can spare. I LOVE utilizing the Headspace app. The guided meditations start at three minutes long. THREE MINUTES.

Set yourself up for success

  • Have a clear routine. Using the SAVERS method from the Miracle Morning that I wrote about here, I meditate first thing in the morning. I started by first using the Basics 1 Course from Headspace. These meditations are three to five minutes long. Need help with managing early mornings? Try the Early Mornings course.
  • Find a quiet space. Find a place where you can be alone for a few minutes. This might be in your bedroom, your car, or heck, even a closet. Some may like to lay down while others sit on the floor or cushion. Early morning meditations have me sitting wrapped up in a blanket on my bed.
  • Focus on a mantra or intent you want to set or focus on. I love the Universe Has Your Back app from Gabby Bernstein. Don’t worry if your mind wanders. You acknowledge your worries and thoughts and then return to your breath or intention.

As you can see, meditation doesn’t have to be an hour of complete silence (although that sounds great too!). Take a few moments to focus on you and that attitude might come just a bit more easily this year.


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