National Babysitter Day: 6 Ways to Show Appreciation


Babysitters have such a great impact on the lives of our children. I consider it an honor to find special ways to show them my appreciation throughout the year, but especially on National Babysitter Day which falls on May 8. I hope that I can help you find a special way to say “thank you” to the wonderful babysitters in your family, too!

babysitterWays to show love for your babysitter:

  1. Have their favorite foods, drinks, and snacks on hand. They might be coming straight from school or are headed to practice after. Making those connections to know their likes and dislikes shows you care.
  2. Celebrate their birthdays. It’s another day to show our appreciation and love for our babysitters. Have your children make them special gifts, bake them a cake, and sing Happy Birthday!
  3. Add an extra tip when days are tough. Those days are tough for all of you, mama! You might be fending off your toddler as you rush out the door, leaving them in full melt-down mode. Or maybe adding extra tasks to complete in their day. Whatever the case may be, adding a little bonus is a great way to show appreciation.
  4. Create a handmade card or video message from you and your children. Our kids love making cards and other handmade crafts for their babysitters. It’s a great way for your children to use their artistic ability to express how they feel about their babysitter.
  5. Purchase gift cards to their favorite restaurant, store, or local coffee shop. I also try to have meals on hand for them and the children while we are away. At times, we leave money for them to order takeout as well. Why not add to giving a little bonus here and there? Gift cards are another way to show some extra appreciation
  6. Let them go home early every once in a while. No matter your job, it is a wonderful feeling to be able to be relieved earlier than expected. Sometimes that unplanned break is just what you need. It also is an added bonus for your children having you home early!

We probably all remember the babysitters we had as children or the children we babysat for. It becomes such a special bond. Many of the children I cared for are now either in high school, college, and/or starting families of their own. Take a minute and send those special people a message, too!


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