Random Acts of Kindness for Mom During a Global Pandemic

Detroit Mom partnered with the amazing Hudsonville Ice Cream team to bring our readers this post. All ice cream stories are our own.

Now, more than ever, moms need to feel supported. We’re being asked to choose between raising children and our careers. We’ve had to adapt to working from home and becoming a virtual teacher. We’re the cook, the therapist, the chauffeur, the maid, and every other identity we took on when we became mothers. We are the glue that holds our families together.

The weight a mother carries is invisible. The mental load of attempting to keep some normalcy in our homes during a global pandemic is heavy. We are the nurturers of our families, but sometimes we need a little nurturing, too.

One perk of what we do over here at Detroit Mom is getting to know and love the incredible women in our community. These women share the deepest and darkest parts of their lives in hopes of connecting to someone along the way, in hopes of making a difference in one person’s life. They open themselves up to friendship with women to whom they are already connected through one common bond—motherhood.

This month, we were inspired by Hudsonville Ice Cream’s Random Acts of Ice Cream and we could not be more thrilled to have the opportunity to honor some of the amazing women of Detroit Mom. Random acts of kindness—and ice cream!—are our way of showing these amazing women that we see them. We see the hard work they are putting in. We see the drive and determination it takes to raise a family up the right way during this crazy year. We see them holding it together when life is at its toughest.

We also know that the weight of this year has brought many of us to our knees. Our own needs have been pushed aside, and self-care has become almost non-existent. It was our hope that our random acts of kindness could uplift and invigorate, and truly let moms in our community know that we care.

With ice cream, a book, and some fun health and beauty aids, we are giving these moms a reason to sit down and take some time to themselves. She can put the kids to bed, find a comfy spot to relax, and dish herself up a big bowl of Hudsonville Ice Cream to take her away from the pressures of home, even just for a little while. One of our favorite ice cream flavors is Traverse City Cherry Fudge and we truly cannot get enough of it. We’ve included this in each of our care packages for some of our favorite local moms. Who couldn’t use an evening dedicated just to them with some of their favorite things? Plus, if they save it for the evening, they don’t have to share.

If you’re anything like me, ice cream seems to solve so many of my problems. If it doesn’t solve them, it sure makes me feel better on the nights when I’m absolutely exhausted and have a whole lot on my mind. There’s comfort in grabbing a bowl of ice cream and watching my favorite show. That’s one of the many reasons I love Hudsonville and the incredible selection they offer. While I might always reach for Traverse City Cherry Fudge, I love having options. Once the holidays are in full swing, I’ll be reaching for their Limited Edition Peppermint Stick flavor.

It was our extreme honor to spread kindness to some special and deserving moms. The reactions—which ranged from shock and laughter to happy tears and socially-distanced air hugs—proved to us just how much these women needed a little something just for them.

We think kindness is contagious and hope you’re inspired to do something sweet for someone else. Hudsonville is accepting nominations for its Random Acts of Ice Cream program now, and you can go nominate someone here. Hudsonville selects amazing individuals each week to receive pints of Hudsonville Ice Cream directly to their doors.

What ice cream would you most like to share with someone as an act of kindness? Check out Hudsonville’s Scoop Locator to find your favorite flavors close to home.


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