Why BJ’s is Not Your Typical Wholesale Club


Recently, I had the opportunity to tour the new BJ’s Wholesale Club Membership Center in Madison Heights and I have to say, I was extremely impressed. Something I loved about my visit there was how well the Team Members did when talking about what BJ’s offers our community and how different BJ’s is from other membership warehouse clubs. There’s really something to be said about a business that has staff that truly believes in its brand.

Now, I’m venturing to guess that you’re wondering what exactly BJ’s Wholesale Club has to offer and why you need it in your life? Well, here’s the thing, they aren’t your typical wholesale club. They are so much more than that and I am here to tell you why but first let me tell you exactly what BJ’s stands for. BJ stands for Beverly Jean after the founder’s daughter. It all began because they believed that everyone should be able to pay a better price to go shopping. I don’t know about you, but I love businesses that are looking for ways to save us money.

Here are just some of the reasons we feel you’ll fall in love with BJ’s:

BJ’s offers more for your money 

  • BJ’s offers the best pricing on your favorite national brands, every day. Your family can save 25% off of regular grocery store prices, and that’s before coupons!
  • Remember to fill up your tank while you’re shopping, because BJ’s also offers big gas savings for members.
  • Love coupons? BJ’s does too! It’s easy to use manufacturers’ coupons at BJ’s by digitally adding them to your membership card, either through the BJ’s app or online.

BJ’s offers the freshest selection of food that families love

  • BJ’s provides a wide variety of choices on the foods that families purchase most, including fruits, veggies, deli items, meats, dairy and more!
  • Not only is there a great selection, but BJ’s focuses on food quality and freshness – all at an amazing everyday value.

BJ’s offers convenience and flexibility

  • BJ’s knows that your time is precious. With BJ’s Everyday ClubVenienceSM, members have convenient options to shop, including on BJs.com, buying online, picking up in-club and same-day grocery delivery.

Check out BJ’s exclusive Founding Member offer for Michigan shoppers

  • Sign up to become a BJ’s Inner Circle® member with BJ’s Easy Renewal® for only $55 (a $110 value!). With this offer, you’ll also receive a $35 BJ’s gift card and $75 in coupons.
  • Sign up to become a BJ’s Perks Rewards® member with BJ’s Easy Renewal® for only $110 (a $145 value!). With this offer, you’ll receive a $70 BJ’s gift card and $75 in coupons. As a Perks member, you’ll also receive 2% back on most BJ’s purchases!
  • If you join now, the membership will begin when the Michigan clubs open. However, don’t wait to start shopping! New members can shop on BJs.com immediately! 
  • To become a Founding Member, visit BJs.com/Michigan. Or head to one of their Membership Centers, located at 29329 John R Road in Madison Heights or 21838 Eureka Road in Taylor.

Are you as excited about the above benefits as I am?! I love the fact that I don’t have to buy 10 pounds of meat at a time. If my family wants steak, I can grab a few steaks. Over the years we’ve thrown out so much food simply because we bought it in bulk and it was way too much. Don’t get me wrong, there are items we use in bulk, but there are some items we just need a few of. Are you ready for a club that offers both options?

Also, can we talk about BJ’s being your one-stop destination for everything from bananas to diapers to TVs? As a mom, I don’t have time to run from store to store because one place doesn’t offer it all. We’re looking for convenience and ease and BJ’s is ready to offer that.

Here at Detroit Mom, community is our primary focus. Something we noticed with BJ’s that sets them apart is their commitment to our community. In December they donated $100,000 to Forgotten Harvest to increase access to fresh food for families in metro Detroit. They also just donated $75,000 to support Forgotten Harvest’s Summer Lunch Program, helping kids access fresh, healthy meals while school is out. Here’s the best part, once their clubs open, BJ’s will donate unsold produce, meat, dairy and more to the food bank every week to the support the community. That’s absolutely incredible.

So, are you as ready for BJ’s to open as we are? Don’t wait for them to open in Madison Heights and Taylor. You can start taking advantage of the benefits they have now by visiting BJs.com/Michigan to become a BJ’s member. You can also visit one of BJ’s Membership Centers at 29329 John R Road in Madison Heights or 21838 Eureka Road in Taylor. Say hello to savings and goodbye to breaking the bank.

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