101 Things to Make Moms Smile


There are lots of reasons to make moms smile, even though it’s been a tough eleven months. The difficult times help us to appreciate the small things. Sometimes it helps to see a reminder of all the reasons we have to smile. Perhaps even reading the list will help us smile at a memory. Maybe it will help serve as a reminder to really treasure the moments that make us smile.

Some things on this list might not apply to you, but some may. I encourage you to make a list of things that make you smile—leave it somewhere you can see regularly. It’s a simple mood-booster whenever you’re feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders. Enjoy!

  1. A hot cup of coffee in the morning
  2. Watching your kids have fun with friends
  3. Getting snail mail (and not a bill!)
  4. A sweaty workout at the gym…or at home!
  5. Eating dinner at a restaurant
  6. Reading a book that you don’t want to put down
  7. Going to the zoo with your family
  8. Visiting a museum and not having to schedule an appointment
  9. Attending a sporting event in person
  10. Having lunch with a friend
  11. Taking a walk outside in nature
  12. Using a gift card or gift certificate at your favorite store
  13. Feeling the warm sun on your skin…in winter, spring, summer, or fall
  14. Wearing your favorite leggings or sweatpants
  15. Planning a vacation—oh the possibilities!
  16. Eating an ice cream cone on a hot day
  17. Enjoying a TV marathon…with your choice of show
  18. Looking at pictures of fun times on your phone
  19. Shopping at a local boutique
  20. Eating a perfectly toasted bagel with cream cheese
  21. Trying new lipstick… and knowing that it looks good
  22. Carryout!
  23. Getting a great haircut
  24. Hitting all green lights on your drive home
  25. Grilling in the summer
  26. Drinking hot cocoa after playing in the snow
  27. Using a crockpot—minimal effort and delicious dinner!
  28. When the Amazon delivery person arrives at your house
  29. Having a good conversation with a friend
  30. Getting a kiss from your spouse/significant other
  31. Drive-thrus…no dealing with unbuckling car seats!
  32. Finding a $10 bill in your winter coat pocket
  33. Making a goal and achieving it
  34. A beautiful sunrise
  35. A pretty sunset
  36. Waking up before your alarm
  37. Sleeping in on Saturday
  38. When your child says “I love you”
  39. Short bedtime stories
  40. Meditating
  41. Praying
  42. Date night!
  43. Going to the dentist and having no cavities
  44. When the tulips and daffodils come up in the spring
  45. Stepping on crunchy leaves in the fall
  46. Riding bikes with your kids
  47. Taking off your high heels when you get home
  48. A girls’ weekend
  49. Writing in a journal
  50. Checking off items on the to-do list
  51. Finishing a jigsaw puzzle
  52. Receiving a backrub or foot rub
  53. Doing a random act of kindness
  54. Smiling at a stranger in public (without a mask!)
  55. Playing a game with your kids
  56. Having a campfire with s’mores
  57. Taking a walk around the neighborhood and chatting with neighbors
  58. Helping at your child’s holiday party at school
  59. Decluttering a room
  60. Watching your kids play without fighting
  61. Enjoying your favorite show or movie with no interruptions
  62. Being first in line at the grocery store
  63. Having no substitutions on your delivery grocery order
  64. Conversing with other parents during your child’s sports game
  65. When someone else volunteers to wash the dishes
  66. Hearing a baby’s coos
  67. Being with family at holidays
  68. Meeting friends at the playground
  69. Fresh toenail polish
  70. Trying out a new restaurant
  71. Reading a magazine at the salon
  72. Watching waves crash on the shore
  73. When your kids clean up their toys without being asked
  74. Wearing a sexy dress
  75. Getting praise from your boss
  76. Getting praise from your spouse
  77. Getting praise from anyone!
  78. Seeing other moms smile
  79. Watching someone open a gift you gave them
  80. Reading memes that are hilarious
  81. Having a funny text chain with friends
  82. Trying a new recipe…and everyone loving it
  83. Giving or getting a good book recommendation
  84. Memories of happy times from the past
  85. A clean house
  86. Playing fetch with a puppy
  87. Petting a cat on your lap
  88. Getting a personal record in a local 5K
  89. Checking something off your bucket list
  90. Making plans to accomplish a new year’s resolution
  91. Eating a ripe veggie from your garden
  92. Freshly cut flowers on your counter
  93. Giving a compliment
  94. Receiving a compliment
  95. Hearing about your child’s good day at school
  96. Finally feeling better after being sick
  97. When your team wins a big game
  98. The first snow of the season
  99. Finding the lost remote control
  100. When your older sibling helps the younger one
  101. Hugs!

If you’re looking for some more ways to channel your inner happiness or help make other moms smile, check out this post on 3 Ways to Actively Practice Being Happy!



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