I am a happily married, working Mom of two fantastic boys, with a third boy joining our family in July. I have worked full time as an optician for almost sixteen years. I love discussing and learning about all things pertaining to pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, gentle parenting and living a more natural lifestyle. In my non-existent free time, I love to write, read and attempt various crafts.

8 Ways To Increase Your Milk Supply

It is THE big question asked by breastfeeding Moms: How do I increase my milk supply? Before I jump into my tricks and tips on increasing your milk supply, I first want to say two things:   1. I...

Dear Moms, Let’s Create a No-Judgment Zone

Hey You,   Welcome to the No-Judgment Zone.     I know you are inundated every single day with articles and posts and research that tells you what you should be doing and what you shouldn't be doing as...

5 Things My Kids Have Made Me Hate

My kids have shown me what true, unconditional love is all about. I seriously don't know what or who I have ever loved that could hold a candle to the type of insane, overwhelming...

What is the “Perfect” Family?

What is the "perfect" family size?   Today, I had my first look of total disapproval regarding my third pregnancy.   The boys and I were in Tim Horton's for "Donut Day" which is our Tuesday morning ritual. As...

Someone Has To Handle The Vomit

By now you've seen it. The photo of an adorable, vomit covered toddler (named Declan) in a car seat and Dad's one-sided text conversation accompanying it. In no time at all, the post went viral. Dad tried desperately to...

The Mom Jinx

In my 3 & 1/2 years as a parent I have learned that there are certain words that should never be spoken. Call it a curse, call it Murphy's law - I call it The Mom Jinx. The following four scenarios are...

Meet Annie, an Eastpointe Mom!

Hello, I am Annie! I am a married, working mom of two (soon to be three!) boys. I was born in Detroit, raised in Northern Michigan and moved back to the Detroit area after...