Bridget Black lives in Royal Oak. She has two kids – Bodie (1.5) and Maddie (4.5). Maddie is the coolest and kindest big sister, with craft skills for days. Bodie is all boy, and easy going. Their family is complete with her super supportive, (and good looking) husband, Jason. Her family moved to Michigan in the winter of 2016 from Colorado. Being away from all family and mama friends, Bridget's transition was slow, but the crew is adapting and loving life in The Mitten. She’s a working mom turned stay-at-home, and in her free time she loves to drink champagne (most days after 5 pm), find new places to dine, and be outside in the sunshine. Bridget’s looking forward to growing her tribe in the Detroit area and helping other mamas who are making the tough transition to a new city.

Refresher Course: Maintaining the Madness

I think before every season begins, I tell myself, “things are going to slow down for our family.” Then the calendar filling commences. We had one of the busiest spring and summer ever –...

The Kindergarten Mom Jitters

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Blowouts Guaranteed – Welcome to the New Mile High Club

Before my daughter was born, my husband and I made a pact to spend the following spring on a big trip with her. When we booked our Iceland and Italy trip with an eight-month-old,...

Our Love Story Jams On {How I Met Your Father}

Your dad and I couldn’t have been more different when we first met. He didn’t make plans, and I lived and breathed by a planner. He was positive and very outgoing, and I saw...

Swimsuit Shopping for a Mom Bod

I’m not going to lie to you . . .  I can’t say I’ve ever really loved swimsuit shopping. Unless you count the hours I’ve spent scrolling through swimsuits “oohing” and “ahing” at all...

Introducing Bridget Black: A Royal Oak Mom

Introducing Bridget! :: Down with Detroit :: I was born and raised in Colorado. I really had no plans of leaving since that’s where all my people reside (except for my soul sister in CA). I...