Erin Piper

I’m Erin Piper, and I'm a metro Detroit native and have lived in Wayne County my whole life. I've been married to my college sweetheart for about eight years and we have two kids. I have two part time gigs - running an online marketing business and managing a cafe/playscape at our church. I love m&ms, Gilmore Girls, and the rare moments when my kids are both sleeping at the same time.

My Two Year Old Watches TV

Author's note: This isn’t an attempt to convince anyone that watching TV is a fantastic use of time (for anyone!). Rather, I’m just trying to share that allowing a limited amount of TV hasn’t...

Helping Dad Ease Into His New Role

Hi! It’s Erin here - I’ve been on a little “break” (HAHAHAHA), as we welcomed my daughter Julia into the world late January. It’s taken me dozens of three minute trips to the computer...

The talk you NEED to have before baby arrives…VISITORS!

To breastfeed or bottle feed? Circumcise or not? CIO or co sleep? While these are important parenting decisions, there is another conversation that you need to have with your partner well before your baby...

Simple ways to make Christmas meaningful for kids

Call me Scrooge, but I’m not really a big fan of the saying “Christmas is for kids.” I get the intent behind it, but it just doesn’t line up with my beliefs. It’s tough...

Pregnant Ladies: Treat Yo’Self!

Pregnancy is not a time to run yourself ragged. In fact, it’s probably one of the few times in life you can get away with people understanding if you can’t stay out late, have...

Feeling Meh About Breastfeeding Again

My family will welcome its fourth (human) member in about three months. Among the uncertainty of how we’ll handle two kids, the topic of breastfeeding is top of mind. I breastfed my son for...

Zehnder’s Splash Village: Surviving a Waterpark with a Toddler

Earlier this month my husband, son, and I packed up and took a quick trip north to Frankenmuth to stay at Zehnder’s Splash Village hotel and water park. We’d been to other water park...

Tips on Hiring A Nanny {In-Home Childcare}

When I was pregnant, figuring out a good childcare situation was a huge concern of mine. I knew I’d be returning to work part time after my leave was over, but the whole process...

Introducing the DMBs of Erin…..

Hi! I’m Erin, and I’m really excited to join the team. I’ve been looking for an outlet outside of work where I can flex my skills and sort out some of my thoughts on...