Erin Piper

Erin Piper
I’m Erin Piper, and I'm a metro Detroit native and have lived in Wayne County my whole life. I've been married to my college sweetheart for about eight years and we have two kids. I have two part time gigs - running an online marketing business and managing a cafe/playscape at our church. I love m&ms, Gilmore Girls, and the rare moments when my kids are both sleeping at the same time.

In Defense of the Small House: Why I Love My Little Brick Ranch

Small brick ranches and huge, mature trees line the street where I live. We’re low on square footage, our kitchen is outdated, and we mostly share the same bathroom. My house isn’t huge, but...

Don’t be the Student I Was

I have just over one year before I send my son Oliver off to kindergarten. He loves to learn, and is also a perfectionist, and I hope that he can retain the former characteristic,...

Sprayscape Highlight: Turtle Cove Family Aquatic Center

One of our favorite places for summer fun in Metro Detroit is Turtle Cove Aquatic Center (aka water park) in Belleville. The park is part of the Lower Huron Metropark and is an awesome,...

I Won’t be Upgrading My Life

“So, when do you think you’ll move?” It’s a question I’ve been asked multiple times since we began parenting. I’ve written before about having a small home, and I guess it’s not surprising that people...

I Can’t Wait for my Kids to Stop Napping!

Call me crazy, but I can’t wait for naps to be done! As my daughter grows tougher and tougher to put down for both naptime and bedtime, I can’t help but look forward to...

I Let My Son Dress Himself

As a pregnant woman, I loved browsing kids’ departments for clothes. I had a vision of a cute kid wearing a well-coordinated outfit. The first year of his life, my son practically lived in...

Kalahari with Little Kids

Over the last few years, my little family has been to four waterpark hotels, and we've really enjoyed it. The first three trips all happened when my son was one or two years old,...

50+ Free Things to Do This Summer In + Around Detroit

Looking for some entertainment this summer? How about something that is free for the whole family? Below you'll find over 50 free things to do in and around Detroit. Each category expands when you...

Mornings with Kids: Like Evenings, Only Worse?

At our house, there are two times of day you're likely to see me break a sweat: Bedtime and Mornings! Bedtime (what parent LOVES bedtime? Not the actual sleeping part; the carrying a kid to...

Surviving “Sick Season” as a Working Parent

The first time my son was sick from daycare, it was a “drop everything” moment to scoop him up, bring him home for a warm drink and cuddling until he fell asleep. Now, when...