Hi friends! My name is Jessie, married to Stephen, mom to three kiddos: Andrew (4), Louisa (2), and Baby Brother (Due in November). Stephen and I grew up together, and we are currently living our best life married for the past seven years. We are beginning our home school adventure with Andrew this year, leaning heavily on good books and time outside. Andrew's birth rocked my world with Postpartum Depression, but God's grace in bringing me through that darkness created a passion in my heart for helping women intentionally seek beauty and find joy in motherhood. You can find me on Instagram at @abidingmotherhood, and at home sipping tea with a good book.

Mental Health Monday: Self Maintenance vs. Self Care

Have you ever thought about the difference between self care and self maintenance? Everyone talks about self care as though it’s a luxury you try to make time for by scheduling a day of pampering...

Homeschooling in 2020: A Quickstart Guide for Parents

So you’re thinking about homeschooling...congratulations! While this may seem like a huge and overwhelming decision, I am here to encourage you. You can do it! But, please understand, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The...

How My Family Uses a Block Schedule with Kids at Home

Rhythm, routine, schedule...whatever you call it, we all need some kind of structure to our day when home with kids. Using a block schedule at home with kids is a great way to outline...

10 Places to Get Outside in Metro Detroit

The sun is shining, it's time to get outside! Bonus: sunshine actually boosts the immune system! Did you know that being outside actually shapes the way a child’s brain forms? Free play outside increases...

A Parent’s Guide to Planning a Vacation without Your Kids

So, you finally did it! You made the decision to travel with your partner and leave your kids at home. Good for you! Traveling without your children can give a total reset. Recently, my husband...

Introducing Jessie Dage, a Bingham Farms Mom

Why, hello there! Thanks for coming by. Would you like a cup o’ tea? Let’s sit a while, and I’ll introduce myself.  Our Family My name is Jessie, and at 30, I’ve experienced just enough of...