Rachel Antone

Rachel lives in Bloomfield Hills with her husband and their two teenage boys. She grew up in Milford and attended the University of Michigan. After college, she lived and worked in Chicago for eight years before meeting her Farmington Hills-based husband and moving back home. She spent her first decade of motherhood as a SAHM then ventured into entrepreneurship in 2019, co-founding a passion project to help busy moms coordinate their chaos. She loves being a boy mom and helping women reclaim their time, energy, and identity. She enjoys early mornings, hot coffee, afternoon naps, and captivating sunsets.

The Second Decade of Motherhood

I'm passionate about bringing awareness to the second decade of motherhood because, while millions of moms are experiencing it daily, no one is talking about it. That's about to change! Four years ago, a book...

Detroit Mom Welcomes Rachel, a Bloomfield Hills Mom

Any Projectors in the room? The identity I most resonate with these days is my Human Design profile as a Projector. It’s who I’ve always been, I just didn’t know there was a name...