I'm a mom and wife in my mid-twenties. I have a husband and 2.5 year old who keep me on my toes and another baby on the way! A sense of humor and my husband bringing me back to reality always seems to be my saving grace these days. I'm currently a preschool teacher, but will be trading it in for the SAHM life this summer. I'm looking forward to sharing my journey through motherhood here on DMB!

5 Must-Read Thanksgiving Books

Thanksgiving is around the corner! As a former teacher, there was always a sense of excitement around holidays when it was time to break out my holiday related books. Now as a parent I...

When Self-Care Becomes a Stressor

Self-care stresses me out. Yep, I said it. I know some of you think I'm crazy. Self-care is supposed to be the opposite of stress, right? It's supposed to be those moments you provide...

Women’s History through Children’s Books

March is Women’s History Month! There are many women, past and present, that have made a major influence in history. Learning about these historical figures is something we enjoy at our house. We have...

Kid Friendly New Years Events In + Around Detroit

Couldn't snag a sitter this NYE?  Or do you just want to ring in this new year with your little ones?  DMB has a list of kid-friendly New Years events In+Around Detroit for you...

Raising Princesses to be Superheroes, Too

My daughter recently turned 4. With this age brings along a whole new level of play. When she isn't playing hair salon, she's playing barbies, baby dolls, or princesses. Our playroom is engulfed in...

DMB’s Guide to Halloween Events

We hope you enjoy this comprehensive list of fun Halloween things happening in + around Detroit for the entire family. It's safe to say there's no shortage of spooktacular things to do. If we missed...

Top 5 Fall Foliage Drives in Michigan

Fall has officially arrived and Michigan has the perfect scenery for it. Just because summer is over doesn't mean you have to cross day trips off the calendar. We have come up with the...

Free Summer Fun In + Around Detroit

It's July, we are all in the swing of summer but you may have started to realize that keeping the kids entertained for the 8 hours a day they are usually in school is...

Ultimate Guide to Free Summer Fun: Library Resources

The library may be one of the oldest mom summer hacks that are out there. That's because your Mama knew a free book borrowed for two weeks would keep you occupied for many, many...

The Ultimate Guide to Free Summer Fun: Family Concerts

Get out of the house and get your groove on groove on with your family at one of these free concerts. Best thing is many are midweek to help break up the routine of...