Being Intentional in Our Homes, With Those We Love, and With Ourselves

There’s nothing quite like sitting in a “finished” room in your home. The furniture is dusted, the carpet is vacuumed, the windows are shining, the decor is intentional, and the room has a flow. Each item has its own home, and there is a system for when items get out of place.

The furniture is laid out in a way to encourage conversation, and the room is saying, “Sit down, relax.” The main goal is for the space to be welcoming, to give the people inside a sense of peace.

That sense of peace comes from intentionality. And, there are so many ways we can be intentional in our daily lives.

Being Intentional in Our Homes

Being intentional with our spaces can seem overwhelming at first. We all tend to have an overabundance of things–and often these items consume us. The best place to start with chaos in a room is to inventory each item belonging to the room one-by-one. Identify items that are staying because they have a purpose, and get rid of everything else. You can start being intentional by giving each item a home within the room itself.

Once the items have a space, a routine can then be established in order to keep on top of the maintenance any room requires. A cleaning schedule is always beneficial; write down what days each household chore will be completed. Maybe it’s vacuuming every Monday, dusting every Tuesday, and doing laundry every Friday. Maybe it’s vowing to inventory the first Saturday of each month to keep on top of items coming into and out of the home. Bins with labels are always a helpful way to keep items in their place as well.

These types of systems also serve to benefit those with children. At a young age little ones will witness the work that needs to happen to make a space inviting, and they’ll see that being intentional promotes a peaceful home for all.

Being Intentional With Those We Love

Intentionality is a gift that we can not only give to the spaces in our homes, but also extend into all aspects of our lives. Those of us with children know that being intentional with them can make the difference between a hardened heart and a soft one. Being a parent nowadays comes with its own unique challenges. Parents must now compete with technology and the nonstop speed the younger generations are moving at. But even though it isn’t always easy, it is always worth it.

One of my favorite ways to be intentional with my own children is getting out an “old-fashioned” board game and playing it on the floor or table. Hearing my kids laugh, trying not to let them win (they are good!), and just seeing their smiles as we create these special moments reminds me this is what it’s all about. Therefore, keeping my home clean and organized can overflow into the experiences that truly matter–making these connections with my family. Being intentional with my space in turn allows me to be intentional with my face.

Snuggling on the couch together and watching a movie? Check! Making cookies together in the (clean) kitchen? Check! Taking items to a donation center together? Check! Being intentional about the spaces in our homes can serve as a catalyst for all these types of experiences. I know when my home is in disarray, I don’t always choose to be intentional with my children. I’m instead spending my time cleaning, picking up, and ultimately, missing out. I also know that I am not the only one.

Please give yourself some grace if the spaces in your home aren’t where you envision them yet.

Our homes are constantly works-in-progress, and big changes in rooms and routines don’t happen overnight. Sometimes we must learn to enjoy the organized chaos, if you will–and intentional experiences can happen regardless of whether there are dishes in the sink. We just need to choose to be intentional, instead of choosing to let the chaos consume us.

Mothers can especially have a difficult time doing this, but it helps to be realistic about what can be accomplished in a day. One step forward at a time is one step in the right direction. It is a marathon, not a race, when it comes to getting our spaces exactly where we desire them. If you keep at it, you’ll eventually get to that much-anticipated finish line!

Being Intentional With Ourselves

It is important to be intentional with those we love, and our homes–but what about with ourselves? Our society has been advocating hard for self-indulgence lately. While I think sometimes the suggestions may be a bit over-the-top (manicure every week, monthly vacations away, spa days galore), I also think there is truth to being intentional with ourselves as well.

It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture to matter. It could be purchasing flowers for the kitchen table while out shopping for groceries, adding bubbles to the bath after a long day, or nestling on our favorite chair and reading–even if only for 15 minutes at a time. Making ourselves a priority, while being humble at the same time, is a healthy balance.

A room may never be truly “finished.” However, there is always that idea of what finished means to each of us. Spaces can continuously grow and evolve, just as we can as people.  Having our homes organized and peaceful can help us to focus on the relationships within our space. Being intentional with one’s space has more than just the benefit of aesthetics.

Having a system to make a home more efficient, and rooms that are organized, not only benefits the home, but the people living in it as well. Intentionality is imperative when a family becomes serious about living in a functional space. Being intentional with items can serve as a positive catalyst in ultimately being intentional with others and even ourselves.  Are you ready to live intentionally?

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